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AGIO to Introduce New Designs for 2022 Season

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AGIO announced recently that attendees to Pre-Market will have an opportunity see Apricity’s newly designed collections for the upcoming 2022 season.  First shipments would begin as early as January 2022 for product ordered by August 1, according to company officials.

“This coming seasons main focus for Apricity will be offerings for smaller space configurations and exciting new fire pit mix and match options,” said Jim Kemp- VP Specialty Product Development.  “We’re expecting big things from small space configurations next season.”

Kemp described potential examples of seven or eight different fire pits with perhaps three or four chairs options to go with each.  “Watch for more looks with modern wicker, porcelain tables, and even some sling conversational and dining sets,” Kemp said.  “We’ll even showcase an expanded 100% Resysta® collection that looks more of a piece of artwork than a traditional outdoor set.”

“We’re excited for people to see our new Metropolis and Braxton small space seating lines and our Hermitage fire chat collections,” Kemp said.  “Outdura Performance Fabrics is partnering with us to showcase these new collections, and Pre-Market attendees will be able to see finalized configurations, fabrics and finishes along with pricing for all designs at that time.”
Even with the unprecedented effects of the pandemic last year and the continued competition for manufacturing raw materials and global shipping capacities, the outdoor industry has thrived, according to Kemp.  “As the industry leader, our entire team across two continents has been working to overcome these challenges in preparation for the upcoming season,” he said.  

“Our solution is to support three production cycles,” Kemp explained.  “Orders placed by August 1 would ship between November and January 1; second cycle orders placed in December would ship by April or May 2022 for extended season retailers,” he said.  “The third cycle will focus with our FP program partners and orders placed before May 1.” 

With COVID restrictions expiring for in-person gatherings and travel, especially for vaccinated buyers and retailers, orders will be taken on all the items in Chicago in July, but lead-times for items will be added into the August production cycle, according to Kemp.  “Large volume programs for products outside the core program should be planned and forecasted as early as possible, which makes this year’s Pre-Market all that more important for retailers to consider.”





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