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Banker & Brisebois Adds Promotional Items to Furniture First Service Lineup

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Banker and Brisebois (B&B), a furniture retail marketing and communications firm, recently announced its second marketing service – promotional gift items – for Furniture First, a national home furnishings and mattress buying group for independent full-line retailers.


Available now, Furniture First members have access to one of the largest selections of promotional gift items for the furniture industry. On the product front, B&B’s gift categories include gift-with- purchase items, giveaway items, and branded promotional items. From a strategic perspective, B&B’s gift specialists are available to match gift items with specific store promotions.


One of B&B’s Midwest furniture retailers describe the promotional gift experience this way:


“B&B is the very best at this! They draw from the largest selection of gift items available. I get exactly what I need for my promotions and at the best prices I could ever find. I would never do a gift promotion without partnering with B&B.”


In addition to gifts, B&B also offers members its Marketing Marketplace program, an on-line subscription service with downloadable, customizable, affordable marketing campaigns for furniture retailers. Over 100 fully designed omnichannel campaigns are available for use with new campaigns added every month.


As shoppers make their way back into stores, it’s important our members leverage the resources at hand to re-energize their strategies, and Banker & Brisebois is working strategically to help our members find their footing again within this new buying landscape,” said Lark Shirley-Stevens, executive director    of Marketing & Membership, Furniture First. “Digital marketing has essentially kept the world afloat  over the last year, and it’s critical that our members consider in-person opportunities as we all start to step back into the world. B&B is helping make that transition more strategic and streamlined.”


“Adding gift-with-purchase programs into the marketing mix is a smart way to encourage your loyal customers, and new prospects to give you a visit. With such an increase in on-line furniture purchases, it’s good to remind our customers how wonderful it is to actually sit in a chair before you purchase it,” said Marianne Fey, president and CEO of Banker & Brisebois. “Being a small business owner in this current environment isn’t easy. We’re here to work with our clients to create smart marketing  programs that help them improve their sales and bottom line. Our team does all the heavy lifting so that they can focus on running their whole business.”




About Banker & Brisebois: Founded in 1912, Banker & Brisebois (B&B) is a marketing support solutions provider with a focus on the furniture industry. Marianne Fey acquired B&B in early 2019, bridging a legacy deep-rooted in furniture with her comprehensive retail marketing expertise. With a foundation built on entrepreneurism, B&B is dedicated to streamlining the marketing process, providing support to manufacturers to help them strengthen the marketing materials they provide to their retailers, ultimately boosting effectiveness for both. B&B also works directly with independent furniture retailers across the country.

Today, B&B delivers marketing solutions and materials to manufacturers and their distributors, as well as independent retailers – covering strategy, creative design, digital, print, signage and gift incentive services – making professional marketing services accessible and affordable for small  and medium-sized operations. The company’s flagship product, The Marketing Marketplace, is a digital subscription service with downloadable customizable, cost-effective marketing program assets  that create an all-in resource for furniture retailers. For more information, visit BankerBrisebois.com or call 800.456.0210.


Furniture First: Furniture First is a cooperative national home furnishings and mattress buying group serving full line independent retailers with sales over $2 million. Collectively, the group sells $3 billion at retail with their approved merchandise programs in the 521 member storefronts. Furniture First occupies showrooms in Las Vegas (B530) and High Point (IHFC G-770) where they display products from several of the group’s approved vendors. For more information, visit FurnitureFirst.coop/join or call 800.411.3477.


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