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STORIS’ New eBridge Commerce Solution Enables Seamless Website Integration

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STORIS recently introduced an all-new website integration solution, eBridge Commerce, to enable its furniture and appliance retailers who have made investments in their websites to seamlessly integrate to STORIS’ retail solutions.


To facilitate this, STORIS developed a new Application Programming Interface (API) architecture. eBridge Commerce utilizes STORIS APIs for the nimble development of interfaces to existing website platforms.


Pete Dressler, Product Manager for STORIS’ eCommerce technologies notes, “eBridge Commerce uses our enhanced API infrastructure, retains all existing integration from STORIS’ original eBridge interface, and adds 30 new API points upon its release. Continuous development into the eBridge Commerce interface will follow STORIS’ eCommerce development roadmap.”


eBridge Commerce gives retailers the ability to choose an eCommerce solution that is right for their digital strategy or maintain the existing third-party website they have invested in while benefitting from STORIS integration capabilities.


Streamlined integration between store and web channels provides real-time inventory, pricing and availability data, sales orders, and customer integration. Exciting new web functionality retailers can enjoy includes Available to Promise (ATP) and Available to Customer (ATC) data for online inventory, advanced merchandising using product families, use of STORIS integrated coupon codes at checkout, and the ability to upsell warranties.


In the last five years, STORIS’ own eSTORIS integrated eCommerce platform has been widely adopted by its partners including Top 100 retailers such as AFW.com and Badcock.com. STORIS’ eCommerce capabilities are continually innovated upon. New features in the last 12 months include Optimized Checkout, In-House and Third-Party Financing as Payment Options, Online Bill Pay, and Self-Service Delivery Scheduling. As a result, eSTORIS has supported hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue during the pandemic.


STORIS wants all of their retail partners, existing and new, with various website partnerships in place to be able to take advantage of the development it introduces between the website and in-store channels. The new eBridge Commerce Solution will follow STORIS’ eCommerce roadmap and offer parallel feature accessibility for both eSTORIS and eBridge Commerce.


“Creating consistent brand experiences to adapt to any market scenario is an effort home furnishings retailers are undertaking to support business continuity. We invested in the reinvention of our API capabilities and our eBridge Commerce solution supports the industry in optimizing their multi-channel revenue potential,” said Doug Culmone, President & COO of STORIS.


For more information, visit STORIS’ eBridge-Commerce page  or call 973-397-5732.


About STORIS: Founded in 1989, STORIS continues to be the leading provider of Retail Software Solutions and Services to the home furnishings industry. Over 450 clients utilize STORIS’ Unified Commerce Solution, which includes point of sale, eCommerce, mobile POS, CXM, inventory management, merchandising, business intelligence, kiosk, supply chain management, accounting, and more.


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