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SFC Adds Working Groups to Benefit Members

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The Sustainable Furnishings Council (SFC) has launched peer-to-peer working groups to facilitate sustainability education for its members. The virtual workshops are held weekly on Fridays at 3 pm ET.

Working groups focus on six aspects of sustainability prioritized by the SFC: carbon reduction, environmental factors affecting health, ensuring social equity, waste reduction, water management and product circularity. 

Events take place virtually through GoToMeeting, a digital platform, with each topic in rotation every six weeks. To field questions and otherwise connect members between meetings, the SFC utilizes an online group chat function. 

“Peer-to-peer learning is a powerful tool for affecting real change,” Susan Inglis, SFC executive director. “Regardless where a company falls on the sustainability continuum, our members are eager to share their experiences and success stories, along with the resources they find personally helpful.”  

In 2020, the SFC launched its Just One campaign, which helps companies to proactively tackle at least one action for reducing their environmental footprint, and to publicly report on their results. Last year’s participants were seeking a framework to receive additional support and guidance which led to the working groups formation.

The new working groups broaden access to information and real world experience for its corporate and individual members, as the SFC maintains its commitment to support actions in the home furnishings segment that reduce energy consumption, improve supply chain management, and amplify industry benefits that result from growing sustainable business practices. 

To register, SFC members may sign up to attend working group meetings via the events page on the website or via email


About the Sustainable Furnishings Council: The Sustainable Furnishings Council is dedicated to promoting healthy environments inside and out.  SFC provides the most comprehensive information on environmental, safety, and health issues in the home furnishings industry and champions initiatives that improve products and processes. The SFC and its Members work to address sustainability and social issues, and offer clear information to consumers, the media, and other partners. Find us on TwitterFacebook, InstagramPinterest.

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