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Ergomotion EU Introduces 2021 Catalog

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Ergomotion Europe recently introduced their 2021 Catalog for all Europe, Russia, and the Middle East. The new catalog is focused on adjustable and smart solutions to improve sleep and relaxation.

With over 6 Million beds sold worldwide, Ergomotion EU’s highlights for 2021 are the new adjustable bed solutions and the Smart System.

Ergomotion promotes the KD-foldable feature bed, the ideal adjustable bed solution for online sales, an excellent solution for those looking to start or to optimize online sales.

The SMART SYSTEM is also a new feature in this catalog; it works with sensors that can be incorporated into any ErgoBed model. The Sleep Assist APP™ was on the spotlight in terms of improvements throughout the past year, and updates are being prepared to be introduced this year, which will offer new user experiences.

Ergomotion also points out the Italian design collection, created in partnership with the well-known designer Simone Micheli.

Still, in 2020 and despite the industry's restraint, Ergomotion introduced ErgoBox, an adjustable bed with a storage box. This bed was created with customers' needs in mind, and was designed to promote an organized, complete, and functional environment in the bedroom.

With a portfolio with 8 different beds all built towards the same purpose: improving people's lives, Ergomotion is now focused on preserving its successful partnerships, supporting clients throughout the challenges they face, and looking forward to what is still to come.

Nuno Figueiredo, Managing Director Europe, states that "It has been a long journey in the search for being close to customers, supporting them in what they need, and we also looking to have been in a relationship with the end consumer and help them understand how they need a good night's sleep, adequate rest, and how Smart & Adjustable beds can make a difference in their lives. Our commitment to health, wellness, and sleep benefits will continue to be our purpose. We try to challenge ourselves daily to have the best adjustable beds on the market, the best Smart System, the best ErgoBed experience, and not least, better accompaniment and solutions for our customers."

You can browse the catalog here.


About Ergomotion: Ergomotion is a global sleep technology company, renowned for its exceptional product quality, design, and customer service, established in Santa Barbara, California, in 2006.

Ergomotionis the world’s largest supplier and business partner in the adjustable and smart beds’ industry, offering the ultimate preventative self-care by balancing body, mind, and spirit.

We help people live better lives, we power the adjustable and smart bed industry, we are the world’s largest privately-held sleep technology company, and our products stand out because we follow a simple guiding principle: we provide our end users well-being through design, comfort, and technology.

Ergomotion’s mission is to provide sleep technology solutions that enable every individual to live life to its fullest potential.

Based on the values of Credibility, Innovation, Technology, and Lifestyle, Ergomotionis the right choice for adjustable and smart beds.

Ergomotion’s head office is located on the “Tech Coast” in Santa Barbara, California, USA. Nowadays we also have offices in China, Asia, and Europe: in Vilnius, Lithuania.

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