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Steelyard Survey Gives Designers A Way to Tell Brands What They Really Want from a Business Partner

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Steelyard, announced that it is surveying thousands of interior design professionals to find what they need and want from manufacturers, brands, makers and artisans. The aggregated results will be shared with the home furnishings, design and décor industries later this summer to help improve communications, business relationships and purchase opportunities.

“At its core, the survey will help answer the question, ‘What do designers need from brands in order to do more business with them?’ “ says Shawn Hughes, CEO of Steelyard.  As part of the company’s ongoing research efforts Hughes believes this study will give brands much needed guidance in working more closely with the design trade.  “Manufacturers spend a lot of time, money and human capital developing programs they think will be successful with interior designers.  By having from-the-source data on the subject, brands can be confident they are providing the right programs and services for this important market,” notes Hughes.

The company is soliciting responses from designers and design firms of all sizes and buying strength.  Helping in that effort are design organizations, industry leaders and the High Point Market Authority.  Designers can complete the survey online or Facebook at @steelyardaccess.

A summary of the key findings will be published in order that the entire industry can benefit, according to Hughes.  Those findings will be available later this summer.



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