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Valassis Research: Direct Mail Influences Online Purchases, Motivates Millennials

Furniture World News Desk on 12/27/2019

Valassis, a marketing technology and consumer engagement company, recently released new consumer research emphasizing strategies for marketers to effectively leverage direct mail as part of an omnichannel approach and elevate brand awareness to drive growth. Direct mail also motivates online purchases and appeals to a much coveted audience – millennials.

“Marketers must continuously assess and adjust their consumer engagement strategies with predictive intelligence advising and informing their approach”

Valassis research found millennials have a high response to direct mail, even more so when those ads are relevant and part of a multichannel campaign. According to the findings, 67% of millennial parents and 53% of millennials are more likely to make a purchase from or respond to a personalized direct mail ad. Additionally, more than half (56%) of millennial parents and 41% of millennials note they are more likely to respond to advertising when they receive ads for a product both online and in print.

“Marketers must continuously assess and adjust their consumer engagement strategies with predictive intelligence advising and informing their approach,” said Gene Brandon, senior vice president and general manager, direct mail, Valassis. “With direct mail, marketers can engage consumers across an entire market or down to a household, versioning the message to resonate with their audiences. As direct mail continues to be a powerful channel to drive in-store and online purchase behaviors, it’s important to focus on a completely integrated approach, optimized by data-driven insights.”

More specifically, the research found that consumers aware of RetailMeNot Everyday™ Direct Mail ads – especially millennials and those with a household income over $100,000 – were driven online by the offline channel:

  • 69% of millennial parents and 59% of millennials indicated they are motivated by RetailMeNot Everyday to make a purchase from an online retailer or service.

  • 65% of millennials and 52% of affluent consumers said RetailMeNot Everyday helped them identify items to add to their online shopping list/order.

  • 64% of millennials and 57% of affluent consumers also indicated RetailMeNot Everyday makes them aware of new online retailers or services.

Overall, 54% of consumers say direct mail is the most preferred method for receiving print ads and inserts from retailers. To engage consumers through direct mail, marketers should:

  • Reach them during the consideration phase
    • Through direct mail, marketers can reach consumers where they are considering purchase decisions. Consumers research and plan their purchases from home across verticals: grocery (77%); home improvement (75%); furniture (74%); apparel (73%); and restaurant dining (68%).

  • Promote local businesses
    • Direct mail helps increase consumer awareness around local businesses and promotions.
      • 66% of consumers indicated RetailMeNot Everyday Direct Mail makes them aware of local stores, restaurants and services.

For additional insights on direct mail, visit Valassis’ website.

About the Study

The Valassis Awareness-to-Activation Study is an ongoing study fielded in conjunction with The NPD Group, Inc., a global market research company. The sample was derived via an online survey and all participants were at least 18 years of age and living in the contiguous United States. Approximately 10,000 respondents are surveyed annually. The specific data included in this report is from the research wave fielded May 27 through July 26, 2019 to over 1,700 respondents and is balanced by age and gender to U.S. Census demographic profiles. Valassis generation age segmentation classifies millennials as born between 1981 and 1996.

About Valassis: Valassis is the leader in marketing technology and consumer engagement. We work with over 60,000 companies and brands in a wide array of industries, partnering to anticipate consumer intent, inspire action, and create demand. NCH Marketing Services, Inc. and Clipper Magazine are Valassis subsidiaries, and RetailMeNot Everyday™ is its consumer brand. Its signature Have You Seen Me? ® program delivers hope to missing children and their families. Valassis and RetailMeNot are wholly owned subsidiaries of Harland Clarke Holdings.