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Move Loot Opens Up Online Furniture Platform to Furniture Retailers

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Move Loot reported that it recently launched "Trade by Move Loot", a program that will open up its platform to vendors.

This new platform is  a B2B service for furniture retailers and independent vendors that enables them to leverage Move Loot's operations and logistics services to solve the complicated and fragmented equation associated with furniture. Since launching nationally back in June, national and local retailers have been seeking Move Loot's help as a way to innovate in this era of e-commerce. Move Loot is looking to ease the logistical hassle of furniture and manage every step of the way for both buyer and seller.

To break it down, this means that a local furniture store in Los Angeles will be able to put their inventory online and manage it via Move Loot's e-commerce platform and logistical operation, ultimately reaching new audiences in different markets and without dealing with the costly expense of storage, moving, scheduling or processing. That once fragmented process will become one seamless transaction that Move Loot will manage from start to finish.

About Move Loot: Move Loot is a full-service online marketplace for the buying + selling of furniture that takes care of all the logistics. Since expanding their consumer/buyer/delivery marketplace (originally in Los Angeles)  to NYC recently, they've doubled sales. The company employs  over 150 movers in 6 major metros w/ 8 warehouses and $21 million in the bank.  For more information visit https://www.moveloot.com/partnerships or contact press@moveloot.com.

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