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2016 Canadian Furniture Show To Build On Success of 2015 Show

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The 44th edition of the Canadian Furniture Show will be held in Toronto from Saturday, May 28, to Monday, May 30, 2016, inclusively. Canada’s only national furniture show will be three days long and will be open exclusively to industry professionals.

“Based on the results of the surveys we conducted over the summer, we are continuing to make adjustments to the Canadian Furniture Show to better meet the industry’s needs,” said Pierre Richard, the President and CEO of the Show. “2015 marked the beginning of a series of changes designed to ensure the sustainability and growth of the event – a new thrust that was successful! The Show had more than 425,000 square feet of space and included 245 exhibitors, about 100 of which were new exhibitors, more than double the average of the last few years. The renewal also put an end to the decline the Show had experienced over the past several years, in terms of the number of exhibitors and visitors.  Meanwhile, 85% of the exhibitors and 94% of the buyers who responded to our surveys, said they intend to participate in the 2016 edition. We are proud of this vote of confidence, which is an indication the Show is becoming a must-attend annual event.”

Among the new features for the 2016 edition, the industry’s big party, which attracted more than 700 guests in 2015, will be enhanced and will take place in the evening of Saturday, May 28. The visitors’ experience will be further improved with the addition of new entertainment and rest areas, and by the presentation of an internationally renowned conference speaker, on Sunday, prior to the opening of the Show. Furthermore, to boost attendance and attract more exhibitors, the Show will announce shortly the details of incentives for buyers and exhibitors alike.

The decision to hold the event in the spring, rather than the traditional January time period, was well received by the industry. The shift toward a more inclusive event, which affected the Toronto Area Showrooms located around The International Centre, was also a improvement, since participation in the event was 60% higher than it was in 2014. This is definitely an added value for visitors.
As of today, exhibitors can already reserve their booth spaces for the 2016 Canadian Furniture Show!

The Canadian Furniture Show has been held since 1972 and is produced by the Quebec Furniture Manufacturers’ Association. The only national furniture show in the country and the 7th largest trade show in Canada, it brings together industry professionals, manufacturers, retailers, designers, importers, and others, from Canada, the United States, and worldwide, to display their latest collections and trends. It is the place where buying decisions are made for the entire Canadian furniture industry. For all the details, visit canadianfurnitureshow.com.

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