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Furniture Trucking Legend Joseph (Joe Sr.) P. Cory Passes

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  Joseph P. Cory
1938 – 2015
Cory First Choice Home Delivery

Joseph (Joe Sr.) P. Cory, Chairman of Cory First Choice Home Delivery passed away on April 28, 2015. He was 76 years old. He presided as CEO from 1977 to 2013 when the transition to the third generation of the family began overseeing the company.

For over five decades, Joe’s vision of a company built on relationships founded in dignity and respect propelled the company forward. The close bonds he formed with his Cory team members and long-term clients transcended the business and created a family that stretched beyond the boundaries of traditional kinship. Joe would often say, “We are in a people business, not a trucking business.”

Joe’s compassion, determination and relentless pursuit of perfection pushed him to the pinnacles of success in so many areas of life. It is that spirit of excellence that permeates the Cory organization. Its strength will power his legacy for decades to come.

Joe Sr. is survived by his wife, Nada; his sons Joe Jr. and Patrick and his wife Chunji and Marin Dragojevic; his daughters Virginia Grace, Jennifer and her husband Rocco Morrongiello, and Jessica and her husband Tony Robles and Martina Dragojevic; and his sister Grace and her husband Jim Tsokanos; fourteen grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. Beyond this immediate family, Joe lives on in the memories and hearts of an uncountable chorus of family, friends, and associates that lament his passing.

The industry will miss you Joe.

In lieu of flowers, the family and Cory First Choice Home Delivery kindly asks that donations be made to the City of Hope at http://www.cityofhope.org/giving. In 2010, Joe was honored with this organization’s Spirit of Life award for his tireless efforts to support the City of Hope’s research efforts to seek out treatments and cures for cancer and other illnesses. Flowers bring joy for a moment in time, but hope is eternal. Any donation, large or small, would most honor Joe’s wishes.

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