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Jaipur Releases 2014 Spring/Summer Catalog ‘The Book’

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Jaipur Rugs, Inc. announced the release of their latest edition of ‘The Book’ - their 2014 Spring/Summer catalog. With a new feel and point of view on product and presentation Jaipur says it has taken this catalog to another level of design not yet experienced in the rug industry.

Jaipur's successful Pillow and Pouf line launched last year is a major focal point for Spring/Summer with new looks and a more curated way of shopping this section in the catalog. 

‘The Book’ Spring/Summer 2014 is practical, organized and visually stimulating. Each page is filled with a point of view and superb color accuracy. Indexing has always been a strong point for Jaipur and this edition is no exception along with new features that making shopping the catalog easy and pleasant.

President and CEO, Asha Chaudhary says “I’m always excited about the catalogs to come out because it gives us a chance to share all of the hard work everyone in the company has been working on for months. This one however is something different all together. I’m more excited than I have ever been to share a catalog because we know we did something different, this catalog is exciting, colorful, different, useful, and tells our story beautifully.” To view the Jaipur Spring/Summer 2014 catalog you can visit here.

ABOUT JAIPUR: At Jaipur we believe everything we do is about empowering, connecting, and inspiring people through beautiful design. We are a product of our process; joining each step with purpose and meaning. Beautiful is just our outcome. As a company whose business model is known for breaking tradition through a traditional craft where the weavers are not simply laborers, but business owners and entrepreneurs receiving fair pay for their work allowing them to live financially empowered lives. Pioneering an industry and breaking the norms is just one small part of Jaipur’s global presence. Being the largest manufacturer of handmade rugs, a global supply chain for retailers and an award winning socially responsible foundation, we take pride in the daring decisions we make to be different and to make room for change. Change is often easy to talk about but hard to live and yet it is ingrained in our DNA and core to continue to make a path that is both meaningful and beautiful. To learn more, visit our website http://www.jaipurrugs.com.

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