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Omnia Leather Kicks off 25th Anniversary Year With Sales Awards

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Left to Right: Teresa Jacoby (awarded 2014 MVP), Peter Zolferino (President, Mary & Chris Udouj (awarded 2014 Hightest Achievement), Randy Gleckman (National Sales Manager), & Louie Nastri (Vice President)

Omnia Leather reported that on Saturday, January 25th, 2014 the manufacturer of quality, American Made Leather furniture kicked off the celebration of its’ 25th Anniversary with an awards ceremony, conducted in the One Six Club of Building B, Las Vegas World Market Center. This annual event is conducted by Omnia Leather to show it’s appreciation to its’ sales and support staff.

Randy Gleckman, Omnia’s National Sales Manager, conducted the evening events with the presentations made by both Peter Zolferino and Louie Nastri.

Awards were presented to Chris and Mary Udouj for the 2013 Highest Achievement Award, and to Teresa Jacoby for being the 2013 MVP.

Randy told the assembled group that Chris and Mary Udouj demonstrated the team spirit in helping their fellow team members achieve their goals, built their territory in 2013 with the addition of a top 100 account, and presented themselves in the professional manner that represents Omnia Leather to its’ fullest. “Chris and Mary are the first to offer suggestions, helping hands and education of Omnia Leather to all they come in contact with”, he said.

Randy also noted that in 2013, "Teresa Jacoby showed her tenacity, willingness to go above and beyond in helping her accounts gain their full potential with Omnia Leather, and provided her fellow team members, customers and Omnia Leather with the devotion, dedication and loyalty to all. Teresa is a true professional in all aspects of our industry,” he concluded.

Omnia Sales Ambassadors and Staff Celebraating 25th Anniversary on January 24th, 2014

About Omnia Leather:
Omnia Leather is a leader in the domestic leather furniture market, proudly designed, manufactured and shipped from the USA. For more information visit www.omnialeather.com.

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