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Jaipur Provides Health Care & Education Services In Rural India

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Jaipur reported that in 2013 successfully organized seven Health Camps in different states throughout rural India. These camps were attended by 3334 beneficiaries from various villages, with medical specialists providing free services.

Taking social responsibility to a new level, Jaipur was awarded The Times of India Social Impact award in 2013 that was awarded by the President of India, Pranab Mukherjee, for all of its efforts in changing the economic landscape in rural India affecting over 40,000 artisans.

Also, along with Jenny Jones Rugs, Australia, Jaipur started a program in 2010 with the objective of providing functional literacy and self-confidence to rural women. Over 3,000 women have been educated in this program since its inception. With the support their designer Jenny Jones and soon others; Jaipur will be able to increase the number of Indian women everyday who can read and in turn teach their children, their families, and neighbors.

Jaipur’s founder, N.K. Chaudhary says, “We believe that the best way to develop people is to empower them, thus, Jaipur Rugs has been working to provide skill training to the people in rural areas.” In the year 2013, 466 people from various states learned the craft of making hand-knotted rugs as part of an ongoing education effort to do more, teach more, and give more artisans accessibility to all forms of education. Jaipur says this skillset provides higher wages and allows artisans a higher level self actualization.

A representatative from Jaipur noted, “We provide beautiful products, made by a beautiful craft, created by beautiful hearts in more homes than most will ever realize, and at the end of the day it’s for a greater purpose. We want to change lives. The beautiful product is just a by-product of everything else we get to be a part of.”

ABOUT JAIPUR: Jaipur Jaipur Rugs is a manufacturer, a foundation, and a supply chain acting as one, with a great goal to fuse the pieces of one man’s vision to educate, care for, and connect artisans to the consumer is the companies mission. Jaipur founded its mission on interlacing socially sustainable and scalable manufacturing to a foundation built on solid principles with a supply chain linking one side of the world to another. Joined together from their headquarters in India to their distribution center in Georgia they move forward as a global brand connecting consumers around the globe.

Jaipur provides thoughtfully crafted lifestyle-driven products that are beautiful, comfortable and socially responsible. Based in Atlanta with distribution across North America, we offer a growing spectrum of offerings ranging from traditional to contemporary, sophisticated hand-knotted to whimsical inspired outdoors. Industry leaders in color and design, we offer fashion-forward options that blend effortlessly with products for all of today's unique lifestyles and aesthetics. To learn more, visit our website http://www.jaipurrugs.com.

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