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Blu Sleep Unveils Latest Pillow, Ceramo

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Blu Sleep launched its latest pillow, called Ceramo, in both the US and Canadian markets in late 2019. Ceramo is the latest innovation from Blu Sleep to help your body achieve peak levels of performance. The bio ceramic gel coating in the pillow returns far infrared energy back to the body, providing numerous healthy benefits. This coating is sprayed on the pillow and it allows air to pass though, unlike other pillows that use gel.


“We’re always looking for the latest technology to improve sleep and offer something different to our customers. As new innovations in sleep arise, we want to be able to adopt them and integrate them into our products.” – Elizabeth Dell’accio, Vice President of Blu Sleep Products.


Bio ceramic gel has many beneficial effects to the body. In addition to the cooling effect the pillow provides, bio ceramics provide potential improvement in blood oxygen levels, blood circulation, and reduced joint inflammation. All of which effectively promote vitality, muscle relaxation and reduction of stress and fatigue. The pillow itself is Air Memory foam that is made to be plush, luxurious, and comfortable, with superior air flow. It comes with a cooling pillow cover that is made with thermally conductive fibers, for additional cooling effect.  Additionally, the pillow and cover are both machine washable and dryable. It is suitable for back, stomach and side sleepers.  The Ceramo pillow retails at $99.

About Blu Sleep Products: Blu Sleep Products, founded in 2006, patented pillows and mattresses deliver a personalized pampering experience for our customers resulting in a restorative and refreshing night’s sleep. The company’s features; which include, water-expanded foam, essential oils, enhanced airflow, and unique construction provides a refreshing and soothing experience every evening when they go to bed. These high-quality mattresses and pillows transform sleep into a nightly wellness ritual much akin to a luxury spa. Blu Sleep maintains permanent product showrooms located in the World Market Center Las Vegas and their corporate office located in Pompano Beach Florida.


For more information,visit http://myblusleep.com or email info@myblusleep.com


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