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HFA Reports: HFA Celebrates its 100th Year

Furniture World News Desk on 12/10/2019

One hundred years ago, women gained the right to vote, and furniture retailers formed an association!


If you’re a furniture retailer, let me be the first to wish you a happy anniversary because the association that represents you turns 100 in 2020. What does it take to turn 100? Ask a centenarian that question and they might tell you a glass of wine at night goes a long way! Certainly, a positive attitude helps and, perhaps most important of all, a willingness to change and grow with the times.

As the HFA prepares to kick off its centennial celebration in a few weeks, I’ve been thinking about what the secret to our longevity is. Turns out those centenarians are on to something. When I think about the HFA, I’m proud to lead an organization that sees the enormous potential of our industry and is willing to change to keep up with the times. I’m proud of what the founders of this association and those that followed have created over so many years. And, I am so very proud of what I see the next generation of home furnishings professionals doing to impact the success of our industry today and for the future.

One hundred years ago, Woodrow Wilson was in the White House, women gained the right to vote and a group of furniture retailers, realizing that there was strength in numbers, gathered to form an association that would tackle specific issues that affected their businesses. They wanted to share ideas and create a stronger spirit of industry cooperation. They wanted a voice in Washington and exposure to industry trends. In a world that was forever changing, they wanted their furniture stores to be the best they possibly could be.

HFA’s centennial is a celebration of our members — their voices and accomplishments, and their contributions to addressing the big challenges of the past century. It’s especially a celebration of the next 100 years and what we’ll do together to continue that success.

Although many of our challenges have changed, the Association’s goal is no different today than it was 100 years ago. We are here to support our members and our industry in every way possible.

Earlier this year we rolled out a major initiative in which we asked members what they needed most from their association. If 2019 was about listening, 2020 will be about doing. In January, HFA will announce an important new member benefit. That’s only the start. We’ll be addressing other needs – all focused on the key challenges retailers have asked us to help solve — to ensure we’re still around for that 200th anniversary.

So kick off the party with us next year at Las Vegas Market where we’ll celebrate our anniversary with cake, champagne and friends. Additional celebratory events are planned throughout the year at markets and industry events. If you’re not a member, consider joining because this will be the year you won’t want to miss as a member of the re-energized Home Furnishings Association. Get ready for the next 100 years; the future is very bright!