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Read Design For In-Store Customer Service

Published: 3/13/2022
Store planner Jennifer Magee looks at ways to re-imagine customer service areas to give shoppers the very best in-store experiences.

Read Outlet Store Design

Published: 11/20/2021
Retailers have increased the scale of their outlet areas and built freestanding outlet stores to meet demand and provide merchandising flexibility.

Read Store Design: Customer Flow

Published: 9/25/2021
Store layouts influence how customers interact with your merchandise and how much they buy.

Read Space Race: How to Negotiate Your Best Deal

Published: 7/28/2021
Leases on roughly 1.5 billion square feet of retail space will expire this year. That, combined with a high vacancy rate, make it a buyers’ market for home furnishings retailers.

Read Future Stores

Published: 5/9/2021
A fundamental shift has occurred in the way forward-thinking home furnishings retailers are approaching store design.