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Articles published in 2009

Eight Techniques to Boost Profit in Tough Times  - 11/19/2009

Some retailers seem to always manage to perform well. In this article David McMahon takes a close look at what those successful retailers do to cut costs during lean times and achieve maximum returns. Specific steps to cut fixed costs and make retail operations more responsive to cost cutting measures are examined.

Furniture Retailers Go Tribal - Part 1  - 11/19/2009

This is the day of the tribe, the day of community and the day of meaningful connections. The old era of the big company, with the big CEO in the big private office, hiding out behind big T.V. ads is just about over as a viable way of doing business.

Is Your Furniture Business Ready for Renewed Growth?  - 11/19/2009

Most retailers interviewed for this article believe business conditions have bottomed and modest growth is here or coming soon. Some are very enthusiastic. Included are their comments, plus tips on how to get your back-end operations in shape so you will be ready to grow as the economy strengthens.

Are You Telling Customers The Right Story?  - 11/19/2009

The right way to connect to potential customers, whether through advertising or in person, is to tell the customer’s story. Now, you’re probably wondering, “How can I tell the customer’s story? Here’s how.

Out Of The Box Retailing - Mortise & Tenon, Etc.  - 11/19/2009

Ruminations on the future of furniture retail and the internet. Continued from August/September FURNITURE WORLD.

The Family Furniture Store Business Path  - 11/19/2009

The first generation founds the business. The second generation builds it. And the third generation ruins it. This sounds harsh, but consider that a scant three in ten businesses make it to the second generation. A miniscule one in ten of these makes it through the third. David Lively looks at the steps family business can take to avoid this fate.

Build A Retail Home Furnishings Sales Machine - Part 2  - 11/19/2009

Part 2 of this three part series looks at alternatives retailers have to just cutting back expenses in these tough times. Instead, Larry Mullins suggests ways to become a Market Leader and leave sleeping competitors behind.

Confessions Of A Family Furniture Store Owner  - 10/4/2009

As a leader of the organization, regardless of the title you choose, you have a responsibility to decide on a plan and chart a course to achieve your business dreams. David Lively presents a fictional story with which many FURNITURE WORLD readers will identify.

Build A Home Furnishings Sales Machine  - 10/4/2009

Part 1 of this three part series looks at alternatives retailers have to just cutting back expenses in these tough times. Instead, Larry Mullins suggests ways to become a Market Leader and leave sleeping competitors behind.

Path To Sustainable Retail Lighting. LEDS & More  - 10/4/2009

Retailers place great emphasis on sustainability in new construction projects, But what can be done in an existing store to move toward sustainability?

Retail Life- How To Get In, Stay Alive a-n-d Love It  - 10/4/2009

This article is excerpted from Michael Green’s new book, “Retail LIfe”, published by FURNITURE WORLD Magazine. Michael Greene also known in the industry as “Grandpa Mike-e-e” is the iconic 88 year old furniture retailer, author, composer, lyricist & industry newspaper columnist.

Decorating School Crash Course: Consumer Seminar On Lighting  - 10/4/2009

This is the ninth article in our Decorating Crash Course series. The text is written so that you can easily use it to put on a customer seminar on lighting in home decor. It can be presented “as is” but you should add additional elements to give your seminars a personal touch.

Avoid Pitfalls While Moving Your Warehouse  - 10/4/2009

Complete your warehouse move with minimal business interruption and cost.

Measure Gross Margin Return On Inventory  - 10/4/2009

Track this inventory metric to understand your customer’s buying patterns, establish a more relevant product mix, satisfy more people and sell more.

Retail Compensation Winners & Losers  - 8/19/2009

Family business owners often struggle with fair compensation for their children who work for them. Either they pay the children too much, or they pay them below market rates. Either extreme is incorrect and can provoke conflict while undermining their self worth.

Sorry Ma’am, But These Are Factory Standard Defects  - 8/19/2009

Retailers can remedy their sagging sales with something that has nothing to do with sales—and can cost very little as well.

All The World’s A Stage At Retailer Mig andTig  - 8/19/2009

Two chains (Mig and Tig, and Mortise and Tenon), plus four partners on the leading edge of retail.

Retail Sales Super Snoopers  - 8/19/2009

Here is Cathy Finney’s final article for FURNITURE WORLD Magazine that examines principles outlined in Dr. Sam Gossling’s recent book “SNOOP,” and applies them to sales situations in retail furniture stores.

7 Common Characteristics of Profitable Furniture Businesses  - 8/19/2009

What are the characteristics that separate the best operations from the worst?

Warehouse Case Study  - 8/19/2009

Central Illinois furniture retailer continues to grow by taking advantage of back end operations efficiencies.

Advances In Evidence Based Advertising  - 8/19/2009

Now is the time to convert expensive, weak retail advertising into highly productive, cost effective efforts using the internet.

What To Do Now About Generating Furniture Sales  - 8/19/2009

A commitment to change is necessary for home furnishings retailers that hope to relate to consumers in the post recession period.

Can Your Customers Trust You On Twitter?  - 8/18/2009

What IS working in today’s economy is the “soft sell.” This is taking place online-through two way interactive conversations with consumers.

Get Ready For Business After The Recession - Part 2  - 8/18/2009

Researcher Pamela Danziger translates the data presented in the first part of this series into information that furniture executives can use to find a pathway to future success.

The Absurdity Of Family Business Decision Making  - 6/12/2009

This is the first installment of a new series by David Lively that deals with family business issues of critical importance to furniture retailers. In this issue, David looks at the pitfalls of making decisions based on a consensus to avoid familial discord.

Furniture Warehouse Injury & OSHA Data  - 6/12/2009

Fines for improper racking, lift truck problems, electrical issues, hazardous materials and equipment lockout procedures are just some of the most common that furniture retailers have received over the past year. Dan Bolger looks at these issues and provides guidance on how FURNITURE WORLD Magazine readers can reduce injuries as well as avoid running afoul of OSHA regulations.

Retail Profile: Zilli  - 6/12/2009

New concept store uses “zones” to reflect international trends and help consumers envision their personal fashion statements. Zilli conducted in-depth surveys that revealed that consumers were eager for new shopping experiences. They wanted something more “interesting, different, unique, even exotic, inspiring, uplifting, fun, beautiful, enticing.” Zilli seeks to be all that.

Can You Embrace Meaningful Change?  - 6/12/2009

When you do it right, the effort to embrace continuous improvement is worth it. Your company will be transformed from one where mediocrity is the norm, to one where high performance is valued and craved by everyone.

Get Advertising Results: Create An Irresistible Offer  - 6/11/2009

Retail furniture store managers can maximize advertising performance by creating Powerful, Irresistible Offers. This can be done by directly addressing the emotional connection customers have that relate to your products, and by including fun offers such as incentives and premiums. This winning combination works much better than just focusing on cheap price promotion.

Research Study: What Will The Furniture Business Look Like Post Recession?  - 6/11/2009

Part 1: Research identifies three trends that were transforming the luxury home furnishings market - even before the recession hit. Researcher Pamela Danziger looks at data from Unity Marketing's Home Furnishings & Décor Report and more recent tracking studies. In the August/September issue of FURNITURE WORLD Magazine she will translate the data into information that furniture executives can use to find a pathway to future success.

Retail Threat: REDESIGN!  - 4/6/2009

In part 8 of our popular Decorating School Crash Course series, Margaret DeGange looks at redesign. The basic premise of a redesign is to use what customers already own to redefine interior spaces. Sounds like a splendid idea, right? Not if you are a furniture store owner!

Dealing With Transactional Shoppers  - 4/6/2009

Suggestions for actions you can take right now to improve performance. Prepare for the new retail reality that will emerge as the economy heals from this deep recessionary funk.

Boost Cash Flow & Generate Sales Now  - 4/6/2009

This article tells the story of a furniture store owner in St. Augustine who used fresh tactics to beat last year’s numbers in November, December, and January. How he did it is instructive and worth your attention.

Display Trends 2009  - 4/6/2009

Trends Display highlights ways to make furniture stand out while on a budget.

Three Secrets of Traffic Building Newspaper Ads  - 4/6/2009

This article is for those folks who are determined to use newspaper advertising in their media mix.

Harness The Power Of e-Marketing - Part 2  - 4/6/2009

Old media techniques broadcast a campaign that is the same for everyone. Here’s how to target specific groups with messages they want to see, when they want to see them.

The Next Big Thing... Mobile Phone POWER Marketing  - 4/6/2009

SMS text messaging is the single most widely used data application on the planet. Retailers like Ashley Home Stores have already had some success using it. Here’s how you can start using this inexpensive and effective new media ad tool.

Why It Pays To GO GREEN NOW  - 4/6/2009

Most of your customers are not dyed in the wool environmentalists, and most of your best selling products won’t meet their standards. So here’s how you can get started with a small scale sustainable furniture program that can help you to differentiate your brand, and appeal to the majority of your customers.

Dollars In The Trash Warehouse & Delivery Service Calls  - 4/6/2009

Business is tough, but don’t be your own worst enemy by cutting corners in the warehouse, prep and delivery. Read this article to find tips on reducing costs and improving customer service.

Profiting From Sports Marketing  - 1/14/2009

Even in tough times, sports promotions, incentives and creative marketing can attract interest and retail traffic.

Ascendency Of The Transactional Shopper  - 1/14/2009

There are two broad “types” of shoppers; transactional and relational. Most are not all one way or the other, but you’ll see a mix of these two shopping motivations in your customers that can help you to work with them appropriately.

The Simple Rules Of In-House Financing  - 1/14/2009

If you’ve considered the highly profitable finance end of the business and need to know how to buy contracts for in-house credit, try these simple rules.

Blueprint For A Digital Marketing Strategy  - 1/14/2009

A digital marketing strategy utilizes social media tools to help you to connect with, listen to, and engage directly with consumers.

A Case Of Stolen Furniture  - 1/14/2009

Max Morgan always thought employee theft was something that happened to others – until it happened to him. This article outlines a plan to catch a furniture store thief working an inside job.

You Can Harness The Power of e-Marketing  - 1/14/2009

New media is uncharted territory for many furniture retailers, but with a bit of knowledge you can be one of the first in our industry to do it right.

We Made A Huge Mistake!  - 1/14/2009

You made a big mistake and purchased too much inventory? Tell your customers about it and give them reasons why your store offers great deals that differentiate your promotions from other sale price advertising.

When Times Are Tough, Use A Warehouse & Delivery Checklist  - 1/14/2009

For most furniture retailers it is virtually impossible to increase sales this year, so you need to focus on items you do control, such as warehouse and delivery.

Twelve Step Program To Get All Employees On The Same Page  - 1/14/2009

Take these twelve steps to organize your business and you will dramatically increase the focus and accountability of your people.

Keystone Finishes & Stain Options  - 1/8/2009

Keystone Classics finish and stain choices are nearly endless. Stains can be mixed and matched to achieve just the right look for individual tastes.