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Articles published in 2022

Common Sense Approaches to Customer Service  - 1/10/2022

Remove six major roadblocks to providing great customer service that exist in the vast majority of retail furniture stores.

Does Sales Training Matter?  - 1/10/2022

Personnel turnover is high and training costs time and money.

Offer New Employees a 20 Percent Pay Increase  - 1/10/2022

Help to find your next $500,000 to $1 million dollar closer, organize your business and keep fully staffed in this tight job market.

Next Level Training - Part 3  - 1/10/2022

Sales training during onboarding often focuses on what’s important to stores. Ongoing training needs to refocus on what’s important to customers.

HFA Reports: What’s Keeping Retailers Up at Night?  - 1/10/2022

The Home Furnishings Association asked its members. Here’s what they said.

HFA Reports  - 1/10/2022

A review of national and local legislative and regulatory activity initiated on behalf of home furnishings retailers.

Editor’s Corner: The Happiest Man in the World  - 1/10/2022

In an environment where delivery disasters, supply snafus, warehouse worries, and cranky customers are the norm, it has to be tough for retail owners and managers to be happy.

Retail Funnel & Path Metrics  - 1/2/2022

Improve the effectiveness of systems and move customers from an initial inquiry to a repeat purchase.

Trust & Delivery Accountability  - 1/2/2022

Steps you can take to provide truthful delivery time estimates by keeping vendors accountable, plus keep sales and delivery personnel informed.

Design & Designer: Patti Carpenter  - 1/1/2022

Product developer and trend analyst Patti Carpenter provides insight into color, retail trends and ways to connect with the value systems of consumers.