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Articles published in 2020

Employee/Customer COVID Safety Checklist For Furniture Retailers  - 6/29/2020

Frequent Furniture World contributing author David McMahon provides readers with a short checklist for mitigating COVID risks right now in your stores.

New Front Doors to Home Furnishings Retail  - 6/6/2020

The source and the management of every door to your operation are critical elements for retail business success.

Delivery: Hold the Pickle!  - 6/6/2020

More delivery options helps your customers feel in control.

Sales Management: Grim Retail Personalities  - 6/6/2020

A post COVID-19 fairy tale from the pages of the Brothers Grim starring your very own sales team.

Point/Counterpoint: The New Normal?  - 6/6/2020

Ed says our industry will begin to recover from the Covid pandemic and there will be a new normal. Bill says NOPE!

Coronavirus-Related Furniture Legislation  - 6/6/2020

HFA member retailers push Congress for added PPP flexibility and other coronavirus related legislation.

Sales Boost For Reopening Retailers  - 6/6/2020

Coconis Furniture & Mattress and Sheely's furniture find pent-up demand and strong sales as states reopen.

Retailers Prepare For Supply Chain Disruptions  - 6/6/2020

Jerry Epperson says retailers need to plan now for supply chain issues as the economy rebounds.

Editor's Corner: Should You Get On An Elevator With Me?  - 6/6/2020

At Market, if you see me getting on an elevator, will you follow me through the doors or take the stairs instead?

Editor's Corner: Patience and a Bit of Luck  - 4/7/2020

Conditions change, but human nature stays more or less the same. That is a cause for optimism.

Roby's Presents: A model for Community Service  - 4/5/2020

This retail chain has an emphasis on serving local communities while being extra nice.

Retail's Weak Link  - 4/5/2020

It's been said that retail sales-people are the weakest link in the buying chain for furniture and mattresses.

HFA Reports  - 4/5/2020

Special section from the Home Furnishings Association featuring news on retailing, programs, legislation and more.

How to Create Engaged & Functional Teams  - 4/5/2020

One of the defining qualities of a good leader is an ability to actively and consistently work to understand who your retail team members really are.

What Do We Do Now?  - 4/4/2020

Five positive steps your business can take to deal with the COVID-19 crisis.

Lots To Keep You Up at Night  - 4/4/2020

Things you can do to respond when a large competitor goes out with a bang instead of a whimper.

Drive-Thru Furniture?  - 4/4/2020

Furniture retailers are now looking for ways to sell their products while minimizing face-to-face selling time.

Design & Designer: Corey Damen Jenkins  - 4/3/2020

Designer Corey Damen Jenkins shares his experience about persistence and emerging design trends.

The Power of Family Product Reporting  - 4/2/2020

Here's how one retailer adopted product family reporting to seize control of its inventory and increase GMROI.

The COVID-19 Business Checklist  - 3/14/2020

Here's a quick checklist of things you can do to minimize the damage due to recessionary pressures on your business.

Editor's Corner: A Delightful Sense of Mischief  - 1/6/2020

With the passing of 2019 Furniture World lost its good friend and retail editor Janet Holt-Johnstone.

Better Bedding & Mattress Sales: Up-Selling  - 1/4/2020

Get your customers to spend more money than they intended on a mattress, and leave your store happy for spending it!

The Employee Application Challenge  - 1/4/2020

What can you do to make sure your retail operation attracts top talent?

Point/Counterpoint: Gross Margin Rescue  - 1/4/2020

Direct and indirect retail strategies for rescuing gross margins in 2020.

Coaching And Mentoring  - 1/4/2020

How one retailer used the GROW and Cascade of Change models to improve sales performance.

HFA Reports  - 1/4/2020

Members optimistic about retail business heading into 2020.

Need To Know Guide to Consumer Financing  - 1/3/2020

A close-up look at the various types, features & advantages of consumer financing plans.

Welcome to WHY2K20  - 1/3/2020

You only need to look at the innovators and disruptors in our world to see the value in asking WHY.

Multi-Sensory Retailing  - 1/2/2020

How to make an analog connection with shoppers in an increasingly digital world.

Design & Designer: It's Madcap!  - 1/2/2020

Madcap Cottage's John Loecke and Jason Oliver Nixon explain how to take retail customers on a journey.