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Intellectual Property  Article Series

Everything furniture retailers and manufacturers need to know about intellectual property including design patents and copyright protection.

Series Articles

Courts Clarify Copyright And Trademark Rights In Furniture Cases


Furniture designers interested in protecting their intellectual property rights should be aware of two recent federal appeals court decisions that clarify the scope of protection that may be available.

Furniture Retailers Guide To Intellectual Property - Part 3


IP issues arise internally when creating and protecting your catalogues, websites, advertisements, and trademarks. External concerns over knock-offs, competitive advertising, and improper trademark use are omnipresent in this highly competitive industry.

What You Need To Know About Design Patents in the Furniture Industry


A complete primer on furniture design patents including: recent developments in the law; information on what is protected; design patents and damages; practical tips.

Copyright Protection in the Furniture Industry


A practical guide for furniture designers and manufacturers, covering copyright protection, changes in copyright law, registration and infringement damages and practical tips for furniture designers.

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