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New Brazilian Design Center to Ease Imports and Increase Trade of Brazilian Furniture and Décor

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Brazil has been widely recognized as a major style and trendsetter in the fashion world. That tradition is now continuing in furniture and décor. Brazilian furniture is beginning to take root in major cities across America. Although growing in popularity, it is often difficult to come by. Most quality Brazilian furniture is only carried by high-end specialty showrooms. Brazilian furniture offers a strong design and extremely high quality in residential, hotels, office and outdoor furniture. Terra do Brazil is launching the Terra do Brazil Design Center in Miami to help North American buyers, importers, distributors, representative designers and wholesalers obtain access a nationwide network of more than 5,000 Brazilian manufacturers and designers and assist with import/export operations. It will also enable small and medium producers of Brazilian furniture the ability to sell products of aggregate value in the North American market without obstacles. This will provide greatly needed economic assistance to Brazilian natives and protection of the Amazon Rain Forests. Brazil exports approximately $600 million in furniture each year to Europe. North American export figures while climbing is only around $150 million. Brazil expects to reach the same level as Europe in 4 years. With the support of the Brazilian government and strong manufacturers, Terra do Brazil has organized the Brazilian Design Show to launch the center. The show will take place at the Terra do Brazil Design Center in Miami on November 5-7, 2003 and will offer an unprecedented look at Brazil’s leading designers and artisans. The event will officially open the showroom. “We believe that the show will help distributors, resellers, contractors, designers, architects and hotel and restaurant buyers see the type of quality the Brazilian manufacturers have become accustomed to,” said Robson Oliveira, president of Terra do Brazil. “Considering current economic conditions as the Euro is up considerable and Real down significantly, it makes it a good time for North America to give Brazilian manufacturers a closer look.” Showcased at the Design Show are: • 35 different Brazilian furniture manufacturers displaying a wide array of high quality, wood, metal, marble/granite, wicker furniture, décor, flooring and decks. • Legendary architect and designer Sergio Rodrigues, known as “The Father of Modern Brazilian Furniture”, will be there personally to show and discuss his most famous pieces. His pieces can be seen in museums around the world. • Designs shown by other world-renowned designers such as the Campana Brothers, Carlos Motta, Carlos Alcantarino, Fernando Peixoto, native art and Mobilia and new designers. • A look at the styles and dynamics of Brazilian office and contract furniture. • Exhibition for the Gem Museum of Para: The original pieces of Marajoara and Tapajonica Ceramic with gems and precious stones (more than 5000 years old) Show with decorative stones, Amazon Jewelry, Amazonic fiber furniture. • Ceramics, Feathers, baskets and art from different indigenous groups from Brazil: Kadiweu, Kaiganges and many others. • Brazilian handcraft and Art pieces from artisans: Mao Gaucha, Tuttu de Viere, Capim Dourado, Aracati and others. • Photography about native art by renowned photographer Robson Oliveira. Brazil, known to have the best woods in the world for outdoor and indoor furniture, is the world largest wood supplier. This is aided by Brazils reforestation programs, the extensive forests and the cut control of trees by the Forest Stewardship Council. Italian immigrants who came to Southern Brazil in the late 1800’s spawned the Brazilian furniture industry. Since then, Brazil has adopted a large mix of European, Africans, and Asian populations. These cultures and tastes added to the native population have created a style that is uniquely Brazil. Unique style, high quality, and cheap labor makes Brazil a perfect worldwide supplier of furniture. About Terra do Brazil Terra do Brazil is a leading facilitator of trade, imports and exports for the nation of Brazil. The Miami-based Terra do Brazil Design Center and Brazil Design Show developed by the company with support of Brazilian manufacturers, government and NGOs provide a vital point of access to Brazilian furniture designers, arts and décor. For more information about Terra do Brazil, the Terra do Brazil Design Center and the Brazil Design Show please visit www.terradobrazil.com.

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