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What used to be known as "The AKTRIN Furniture Information Center" has now become "The AKTRIN Group of Industry Information Centers". Similar in concept to the 1985 founded AKTRIN Furniture Information Center, two sister Industry Information Centers have been created: "The AKTRIN Textile Information Center" and the "AKTRIN Wood Information Center". The purpose of each Center will be the provision of comprehensive information in the form of reports, market research, economic studies and analysis about the industries concerned. Dr. Stefan Wille, Founder and President of AKTRIN says that the company will remain loyal to its original roots and cover only industries closely related to furniture, that is furniture's principal supply industries. AKTRIN's main office will remain in High Point, NC. Information on textile and wood was already covered by the existing Furniture Information Center. However, the extent of our services and number of industry reports became too broad and was lacking focus. Presently, there are over 200 industry and market reports available from AKTRIN, representing the most comprehensive and complete selection of furniture-related studies, worldwide. For the sake of creating a clearer and more logical structure to our information services, is has become necessary to segregate furniture, textile and wood into separate and distinct divisions of AKTRIN, each one with its own web-site. The Furniture Information Center can be accessed through www.furniture-info.com, the Textile Information Center through www.textile-info.com, and the Wood Information Center through www.wood-info.net "Unfortunately, the name wood-info.com is already owned by a Finnish company, and therefore we had to choose wood-info.net", Dr. Wille explains. The original name www.aktrin.com will remain but its web-site will be reduced to a mere "pointer site" with three links pointing to the subsidiary sites. While AKTRIN has invested sizable amounts in the new Information Centers, the creation of the new divisions and its web-sites has been simplified and facilitated due to AKTRIN's previous 16-year experience with the Furniture Information Center. All the technical features and interactivity of the furniture web-site were copied over to the new sites without incurring major problems. We are confident that our initiatives will be to the benefit of our clients. If the new Centers prove to be successful, new Centers covering the Woodworking Machinery Industry and the Leather Industry may be added in 2001.

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