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PuertaBella.com unveils WorldStyle™ home décor

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PuertaBella.com, a leading e-commerce provider of imported furniture, decorative accents and unique gifts, launched WorldStyle™, a distinctive home décor that embodies the essence of PuertaBella.com. WorldStyle is a blend of the colors of Spain, warmth of Mexico, spices of India and the style of Italy. By combining eclectic elements from around the world, traditional décor is changing to reflect a more relaxed home environment. Walls are painted colors that reflect the global landscape - from the sparkling golds of a Tuscan sunset and vibrant yellows of the Mexican sun, to the alluring blues of the Mediterranean Sea. Arrangements are made to reflect a simpler, more casual environment, rather than contrived or formal settings. Decorative accents and furnishings are selected to include natural earthen elements of solid hewn woods, hand forged irons, blown glass, hand painted pottery and natural clays. This convergence of styles and regard for natural elements and handmade craftsmanship defines PuertaBella.com's WorldStyle. "As the millennium heralds more and faster changes, and the modern world continues to bombard us with information, homeowners continue to look for ways to escape," said Tom Pisello, CEO of PuertaBella.com. "The rise in popularity of feng shui - the ability to create a restful space to unwind from the day's stresses - is only one result of this trend. The introduction of our WorldStyle advice and selections assist those who want to create their own sanctuary using elements from the Mediterranean, Mexico and East India." A study by PuertaBella.com of 100 internet users interested in home décor and currently decorating, revealed that people are indeed interested in creating more relaxed living spaces - a haven where the stresses of everyday life can be left behind. The study also concluded that people are creating such spaces with an eclectic mix of romantic, spiritual and ethnic styles, inspired by other "worlds" they have visited on vacation, seen on TV or in magazines, or read about in novels. Further, 60% of respondents indicated that the primary function of their home décor was to create a peaceful refuge to escape from everyday tensions, while only 33% indicated the need to create a functional, easy living environment and only 10% wanted to create fun, entertaining spaces. "There has been a decided increase in the desire to create a sanctuary within the home for most homeowners," states Amy Becker, Director of Interior Design for PuertaBella.com. "Our survey confirmed this trend as the number one decorating goal, with clients trying to create an island in a sea of chaos. Gone are the days of uniform, one-style interiors. The new movement is rooted in personalization and eclectic living, where one is creatively allowed to mix objects and icons with any space, free of rigid restrictions or guidelines. This 'WorldStyle' concept enables us the freedom to blend different styles and moods - from east meets west to seriousness meets with wit, and so on. Visitors to the PuertaBella.com website can take advantage of two innovative tools, YourStyle™ and YourColor™, to experience WorldStyle first hand. YourStyle is an interactive program that allows one to select their favorite pieces of PuertaBella.com furnishings and view them in various room settings. YourColor solves some of the most perplexing decorating dilemmas with point and click simplicity by allowing visitors to visualize and experiment with distinctive paint schemes -- from simple single color applications, to eclectic three color combinations. To learn more about PuertaBella.com and its WorldStyle décor, visitors can review articles in PuertaBella.com's online magazine, La Dolce Vita, research Q&A archives or pose personal decorating questions with the "Ask Amy" feature. About PuertaBella.com: PuertaBella.com is a privately held company founded in 1999 as the first major e-commerce site for WorldStyle™ home decor. Puerta Bella (meaning Beautiful Door) creates a unique character for any home, with eclectic selections handcrafted by true artisans throughout the world. With an e-commerce strategy providing 24x7 shopping, an extensive and beautiful online catalog, decorator advice, interactive tools and superior customer service, PuertaBella.com is well poised to captivate customers and revolutionize the home furniture and accessories marketplace. For additional information on PuertaBella.com or the products it offers, visit the Website at http://www.puertabella.com or call (407) 426-0406.

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