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Kelly’s Hickory Furniture, Expands Operations, Hires Steve Browy as Sales Manager

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Kelly Zheng, Peter Zheng, Steve Browy

Kelly’s Hickory Furniture reported that it is expanding operations by acquiring an American staff, reps, opening a new distribution point in Chicago and adding new products, fabrics, and styles.

Steve Browy, a Montana based rep, will be acting as National Sales Manager. He stated, “We already have a selection that’s over 100 SKU’s wide. With the addition of our new bedroom products and some of the ideas we have for accessories, we've become a great source for affordable Hickory furniture.

“We are on track to become the next big player in the Hickory Furniture Business,” he continued. “We are rapidly expanding or inventory, targeting affordable price points, and delivering superior craftsmanship to our base of retail furniture store customers.”

Kelly’s Hickory Furniture, Inc. is a sister company to Woodbury Furniture - a futon manufacturer that has been around since the 90’s. Woodbury specializes in making higher end futons for wholesalers in the US. They cut their teeth in the rustic/ lodge genre with a successful pine log container program which is ongoing today. Since early last year, they’ve been selling hickory products directly to the retailers.

In August of this year, Kelly’s made the decision to make their mark in Hickory, deciding to increase the number of SKU’s, bring in reps to promote the line and substantially increase the choices offered to their retailers.

Kelly Zheng, the President of Kelly’s Hickory, says that she is committed to bringing furniture retailers the finest in Hickory furniture. Since an early age, Ms. Zheng has been involved with the family business, owned and managed by her father – Peter Zheng. Since graduating from California State University-Northridge, she has shown an excellent capacity for commerce and a dedication to developing the family business.

The company has also hired Tara Retzer, a Montana e-Commerce specialist to work with the complexities of their internet strategy.  

About the Company:  Kelly’s Hickory Furniture, Inc. is a China based manufacturer bringing quality solid Hickory products to the American public since 2010. Backed up by a 150,000 square foot factory, they are an excellent source for all things Hickory. Product features include dove tailed drawers, kiln dried and sealed wood products, and an affordable pricing structure. For more information visit http://kellyshickory.com or  call Steve Browy at 406-388-1664.

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