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Therapedic International Is Set To Introduce Active Lifestyle POP Displays In High Point.

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Therapedic International reported that it will showcase colorful and cutting edge point-of purchase (POP) solutions aimed at consumers with an active lifestyle at the upcoming High Point Furniture Market, Oct. 13th – 18th. The merchandising for the new Agility Collection highlights its flexible and responsive sleep surface, demonstrating its effectiveness for those who need to rest and repair their bodies after a tough workout.

Therapedic has developed three key banners as part of its new display. The first shows a woman jogging and explains how Agility’s components support each part of her body with clear notations, such as “Memory gel foam cushions the shoulders” and “Mini-micro coils support legs and feet.” A second banner showcases a woman on the beach in a yoga pose with the headline “fit for your body,” while a third depicts a mattress cut-away to explain each of the mattresses’ seven layers.

“For athletes, outdoorsmen and active people who push their bodies to the limit, we know
getting a proper night’s sleep is crucial, because that’s the time when our bodies repair themselves. It’s part of living a healthy lifestyle. In marketing Agility, we wanted to help retailers reach that demographic by easily showcasing there is a difference when selecting a mattress, and active consumers need a product like ours that is cooling, supportive, resilient and contours the body,” said Therapedic president and CEO Gerry Borreggine.

The Agility Collection is made with thousands of micro-pocket springs encased in a three-way stretch fabric to give the mattress a quick response surface feel and allows it to be highly resistant to body impressions and sagging. Preserve® VG, the first bio-based viscoelastic gel foam on the market, is swirled into the foam compound, to add comfort and cooling performance to the line. Each mattress in the four-model series features a combination core, which includes a mix of high-density foam, Preserve VG and thousands of pocketed micro-coils, offering unmatched comfort and support.

The Agility’s four models, the Dash, the Tango, the Freestyle, and the Crossover, comprise the national line and range in retail pricing from $1,299 to $2,499 in queen.

Experience the Agility collection and POP solutions in Therapedic’s showroom located in IHFC, space M-607.

Therapedic International is a 55-year-old mattress and sleep products manufacturer, with over 50 licensees producing products under the Therapedic brand label throughout the world. It is a recognized top-10 mattress brand, and has significantly increased its brand awareness and distribution in the related sleep products categories over the past five years. Learn more at www.therapedic.com

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