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Pure LatexBLISS Creates "CustomFit™ For You™ Retail Merchandising Program.

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Pure LatexBLISS™ announced that  it has created the “CustomFIT™ for You” retail merchandising program, giving consumers the opportunity to design and build their perfect bed in stores by allowing them to select a mattress, foundation, removable pillow top and pillow that is tailored to their personal preferences. The program was developed to have a simple sales process and increase the size of retail tickets and gross margin dollar opportunities. The complete CustomFIT sleep experience will debut at the High Point Furniture Market, Oct. 13-18. The Pure LatexBLISS showroom is in the IHFC, space M-528.

With a variety of mattresses, foundations, pillow tops and pillows, the CustomFIT program can offer customers nearly 150 possible combinations for creating their best bed with only a handful of floor samples. Taking that one step further, the CustomFIT program is also designed to work alongside other brands. The program is based on the premise that it’s easier to increase a sales ticket through customization of the mattress rather than just stepping up to another mattress model.

“Our beta testing of this program showed retailers triple tickets, increased gross margin dollars four fold, and saw a higher close rate overall,” said Pure LatexBLISS President Kurt Ling.

To compliment the new program, Pure LatexBLISS will add additional customizable point-of-purchase (POP) solutions designed to visually explain the CustomFIT program and the options when designing a bed for better sleep. The concept is simple, making is easy for retail sales associates to learn and explain to customers, who will benefit from the custom experience without overpaying for it.

“With our price points, we aim to make the custom experience accessible to everyone. Traditionally custom has been synonymous with ultra-luxury mattresses in the tens of thousands of dollars, but there’s no reason we can’t create a new retail program that engages customers and shows them how to build their bed, creating the ultimate sleep experience. Bringing high-end concepts to the masses is a retail strategy that has seen incredible success before. For instance, when Target brought designer brands into their stores, they couldn’t keep the shelves stocked. We want to create that same excitement in the bedding space,” added Ling.

The new CustomFIT POP solutions will be one of the tools that Marty Walker, former vice president of visual merchandising for Pier 1 Imports, will be able to help retailers with. Based on strong success at the recent Las Vegas Market, Walker will be on-hand in High Point to help create floor plans. This gives retailers the opportunity to start planning their store layout at the time they place the order, leaving market with design layouts in hand.

Atlanta-based Pure LatexBLISS is one of the fastest growing luxury mattress brands in the world, manufacturing and marketing ultra premium mattresses made with the finest components available and delivering unprecedented value. When founded, Pure LatexBLISS used contract manufacturers and logistics partners. Today, the company does business in 14 countries and recently expanded from one fabrication site and warehouse in Atlanta to four with regional distribution centers in the United Kingdom, France, Canada, Atlanta, Miami, Phoenix, Texas, Connecticut, and Portland (OR). For more information, visit www.latexbliss.com.

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