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Latex International Unveils New Web Presence To Educate Retailers & Consumers On Benefits Of Latex Sleep Products

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The leading global manufacturer of Talalay latex bedding components, Latex International, announced it has launched a revamped website at www.latexintl.com. Stocked with information for retailers and consumers, the site is designed to both educate and debunk myths about latex sleep products.

The site features the company’s new logo, a fresh look with soft blue and green colors and the trademarked tagline- Talalay Latex – Lift, Relax Relieve™ to correspond with a new initiative to energize the already fast-growing latex category through better education about the advantages of latex.

“Our goal is to better educate both consumers and the bedding industry to the wonderful benefits of latex – what it does to lift your body, and relieve tension and pressure for a healthy sleep – rather than focusing on the technicalities of what latex is. That’s not what the typical consumer really wants to know,” said Vice President of Strategic Marketing Tom Eisenberg. “And just as we’re educating people through our website, we’re committed to RSA and manufacturer training for any retailer with a Talalay latex mattress line.”

The new site is designed to provide easy to understand resources. Consumers will benefit by looking under the tab “Latex Beds,” which includes sections titled “How to Buy a Bed” and “How Latex is Used Today.” Additionally, under the tab “Latex Material” browsers can learn what latex is, how it’s made, and the differences between Talalay latex and memory foam. A product finder makes it easy to pinpoint the brands already offering latex mattresses, toppers and pillows. The easy to navigate website is visually appealing with dozens of photos, videos, easy-to-understand graphs, and available downloads of product descriptions.

“Our research shows that consumers and retailers clearly want an alternative choice to memory foam, and this site will help provide the information needed to make that choice. There are so many benefits to latex, that it really gives our partners a way to differentiate their product on the sales floor,” Eisenberg added.

Founded in 1975, Latex International is the world’s largest manufacturer of latex mattresses and pillows, sold under many leading brand names through strategic business partners. Latex sleep products provide a unique feel of comfort and support by gently conforming to body contours, which provide a naturally resilient and healthy sleep environment. More than 200 employees produce mattress cores, toppers and pillow buns utilizing both the Talalay molding and Dunlop continuous flow process from manufacturing and fabrication centers in Shelton, CT and Wichita Falls, TX. For more information on the company, please visit www.latexinternational.com.

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