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Thos. Moser Redefines Small-Space Living with New Right-Sized Collection

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Thos. Moser, makers of heirloom-quality, solid-wood furniture, recently introduced  a new “right-sized” table and chair collection, Castine.

Named after a small village near the Thos. Moser headquarters in Maine, the Castine collection defies common conceptions of small-space living. Often thought of as “living with less”, Thos. Moser furthers the “Less is More” philosophy of architect, Mies van der Rohe by thoughtfully designing for efficient living without comprising quality.

“Living in smaller spaces does not equate to forgoing comfort, style and quality.” said David Moser, Principal Designer. “We created Castine to improve the standards of small-space living. The design focuses on excellence in quality over quantity. It emphasizes the importance of skillfully crafted furniture and sensitivity to materials, creating pieces that will last through multiple lifetimes.”

Thos. Moser design is guided by a principal of philosophies termed the Thos. Moser School. These philosophies lead the design process to create solid and lasting furniture for people with a desire for more. The School defines the table as the heart of the home – where dreams are drafted, work is crafted and family and friends gather – sensibilities that are common for all households, small or large. The new collection is ideal for space-conscious urbanites, those who are down-sizing or first-time homeowners.

The Castine collection was designed by Principal designer, second generation furniture maker and artist, David Moser and maintains the quality, unadorned classic-American aesthetic and excellent craftsmanship Thos. Moser has practiced for 40 years. Characteristics of the collection are anchored with a signature, curved leg-stance that gracefully cascades in a smooth, uninterrupted motion. The result assumes a uniquely energetic stance that looks light – but stands strong. Its airy profile is neither distinctly modern nor traditional making it very versatile.

The collection consists of two table options, chairs and sideboard. Each piece is available in cherry, maple and walnut hardwoods fashioned with Thos. Moser’s signature mortise-and-tenon joint system. Chair upholstery selections are available in many colors. As with all Thos. Moser furniture, every piece is guaranteed for life. The Castine collection can be purchased exclusively through www.thosmoser.com

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