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STORIS Introduces It's Latest Software Version Vision9.1

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STORIS, a leading supplier of Retail Solutions and Services announced that it released its latest retail business software, Vision9.1, on September 1st, 2012.

Vision9.1 will provide retailers with increased pricing and payment features, particularly in the areas of Point of Sale Discounts, Impact Fees, and Extended Receivables. With this newest Vision application suite, users will have the enhanced ability to layer multiple price discounts throughout an entire order. These new features can be applied in conjunction with the line item, subtotal, contractor, and designer discounts. Increased functionality will allow discounts to be linked to specific general ledger accounts, providing for precise financial audit trails. With security settings configured in a manner that is conducive to the respective Point of Sale business model, users can manage the application and crediting of discounts by employees with authorized access. Increased capabilities for governed Impact Fees are also included. These enhancements allow retailers to adhere to the various forms of municipal laws such as local road improvement, environmental/recycling, and/or sanitation disposal.

Vision9.1’s Extended Receivables suite has been drastically enhanced to enable retailers to provide more financing and credit payment options to their customers. Staying with the “back to business” philosophy, Vision9.1 now incorporates all of the Financing, Revolving, and Collections accounts receivables features found within prior releases, with the newest inclusion of Contracted Installment Receivables. System permissions grant access for contract activation, cancellation, merging, and refinancing during sales order entry and/or from back office touch points. V9.1 provides the ability to defer contract payments, change due dates, extend contract terms, grant additional grace days, and adjust balances. Additionally, businesses can perform automated late fee assessments and apply State/Province rules for interest calculations, non-filing fees, and rebates.

Many enhanced features of this newest retail application were also designed to ensure that the customer’s expectations, established during the point-of-sale phase, culminate into a valued experience through product delivery. From within an individual POS software entry point, or a logistical delivery scheduling touch-point, users can immediately view all crucial delivery information. This includes delivery calendars by postal code and routes, real-time delivery cutoffs by deliveries scheduled, merchandise on transfers and/or purchase orders, number of times a customer rescheduled, delivery truck/freight company assignments, and other essential details.

To provide a customer with a courtesy update on their order, a retailer’s service personnel can view and precisely track in-transit activity of incoming shipments. This is accomplished because Vision9.1’s multi-channel design displays linked document numbers, quantities, shipping dates, lead times, and acknowledged delivery dates to the sales and service team. Information displayed is based on activity entered by a merchandise buyer, or updated via a web transmission from the manufacturer, freight company, and/or distributor.

With Vision9.1, salespeople have confidence that the sale will be executed seamlessly because they know their logistics and delivery teams provide superior service. Regardless of the POS engagement touch-point, the customer perceives value from that retailer. Their questions are answered quickly with precise information and their delivery expectations are being fulfilled.

About Vision9.1: STORIS’ Vision9.1 provides a single solution view of all Cross Channel Commerce points, to enable better order fulfillment and provide the best customer experience, while exercising flexible control of a business. For more information visit www.storis.com.

For over 20 years, STORIS continues to be the leader in providing Solutions and World-Class Service to Big Ticket retailers of ALL sizes.

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