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Weekly Furniture World Media Note #46 from Lance Hanish-MobileFirst: Majority Of Businesses Do Not Understand Mobile Messaging

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It’s been 23 years since the first text message was sent. Yet so few of us understand the power texting has in business today.

A recent report found that 86% of businesses were not aware of the high response rates of SMS and, similarly, 75% of businesses did not know that 97.5% of all text messages are usually read within five seconds.

Interestingly, the report also found that 67% of business owners actually preferred mobile messaging and mobile Web compared to applications, and two-thirds stated that they found SMS more effective than email in their overall marketing campaigns.

This research, according to Darren Daws, in mobilecommerciedaily.com suggests that even though businesses are aware of mobile messaging, they are still slow at understanding its true potential. Daws notes there are many ways that mobile can be used for businesses to boost profits, communicate with customers and run efficient operations, but this year mobile messaging has come out on top.

Consumers are using it more than ever. Daws noted that British regulator Ofcom recently stated that more people in Britain use their phones to text than to make calls these days. There has been a clear shift away from traditional ways of staying in touch.

There is still work to be done to educate businesses to communicate with their customers in this way.
Daws noted that the Great British Mobile Survey delved into the hearts and minds of 600 businesses across Britain and asked how they used, and what they thought about mobile marketing and communications.

No matter where your business is located, no matter how many oceans you have to cross, this research like most indicates that many businesses are aware of mobile messaging, but there are still some who are yet to tap into the full potential of how powerful it can be as a business driver.
Whether businesses have a mobile strategy or not, there will always be a place for opt-in bulk SMS within their marketing mix.

After 23 years since the first text message was ever sent, it still has an important role to play – as a driver for action, response or as a delivery mechanism. The problem for many businesses is in understanding what mobile entails, how versatile it can be, and how it can be used to target audiences on mass.

The question is: How do companies of all sizes cut through all of this noise to reach their existing and potential customers? How do you quickly reach out to a mass audience on the fly? How do you capture their contact details and communicate targeted messages to them in seconds?
Mobile messaging gives you the tools to do this.

After all, isn’t marketing about convenience, speed and that personal touch?

We really do live in a new DNAge.

In planning your marketing communications plan…Think MOBILEFirst.

Lance Hanish is Co-Founding Partner in CNA | Sophis Integrated Marketing Communications. 

He can be reached at:
On Google+ LBC Advertising
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