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Ergomotion Partners With OKIN, A Global Leader In The Power Motion Industry

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The rapidly growing adjustable bed manufacturing company, Ergomotion announced that it has partnered with OKIN, a prominent entity in the electro-mechanical field in order to stay ahead of the market curve.

OKIN is an OEM supplier of actuators and electronic components used for furniture. They are integrated in the global production and distribution network of Phoenix Mecano, a leading industrial company group based in Switzerland. With their R&D based in Germany, OKIN offers comprehensive, custom development and support to their partners. After carrying out a thorough RFP process beginning in January of this year, Ergomotion has signed a collaboration agreement outlining their use of OKIN branded equipment exclusively. They found OKIN to be the best candidate not only for credentials in innovation and quality, but also because the partnership was a “good fit” based on a similar philosophy on lifestyle advances for the home. The new components will feature several enhancements including improved power consumption, newly designed remote controls and smart phone compatibility. With this agreement in place, Ergomotion has already designed and developed their next generation of adjustable beds to take advantage of the new comfort-based technologies.

Ergomotion COO, Leo Vera, explained his company’s decision this way,” This partnership was a vital step for Ergomotion. Our clients have taught us that in order to be the #1 adjustable base provider in the marketplace, it is imperative that we remain at the leading edge of notonly design and quality, but the technology platform offered to our customers as well. We are excited to be working with OKIN and have confidence that our next generation of products to be released this fall will set a new standard for quality and value for our customers.” Phoenix Mecano Vice President, Max Kleinle said that OKIN also welcomes the partnership. “We are happy to be the exclusive partner in power motion technology and intelligent furniture applications for Ergomotion. Their challenging demands and their dynamics are giving us the chance to participate in their remarkable growth story and tostrive for excellence in operations and innovation.”

The newest generation of Ergomotion designs incorporating OKINcomponents has an expected release date of Fall 2012 to select Ergomotion partners.

About Ergomotion: Ergomotion is a leading supplier of adjustable foundations. Their products can be found in retail stores throughout the United States as well as over 25 countries internationally. Ergomotion was founded by Alain Clenet and Kelly Clenet, the father and sonteam who now serve as the CEO and President, respectively.

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