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Sporty TV Stands Launches New Football Product "Gridiron Goalpost"

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Article Summary: New product is a TV stand made to engage Football Fans in the process of creating their own comfortable room spaces.

Sporty TV Stands recently announced the introduction of a new product directed at sports fans who love to show support for their favorite sport or loyalty to their favorite team.

The President and Founder of Sporty TV Stands Marty J Carty states, “Although this product fits naturally in a number of retail furniture store display settings, the GRIDIRON GOALPOST™ is a TV stand made to engage Football Fans in the process of creating their own comfortable room spaces to watch their favorite game. Its authentic football themed design features all steel construction, meticulous attention to details, locker-room inspired base with a football field top and a goal post with bright yellow uprights.”

The idea of a portable sports-themed TV stand is the brainchild of Carty. It was in late 2010 that he started drawing the concept for a portable football-themed TV stand that would incorporate the use of a goalpost. Like many entrepreneurs who invent something out of necessity, Marty's story is no different. In short, Marty was looking for a portable TV stand to move around in his home and to his patio so he could enjoy watching his favorite team, The Ohio State Buckeyes and their football games. After spending several frustrating days searching the internet for a stand, the idea hit him. Why not make a portable TV stand that expresses his love for football? And thus the idea to incorporate a football goalpost that surrounds a TV was born.

As recently as April 2012, Sporty TV Stands applied for licensing rights with The Ohio State University and was approved. Those Ohio State Buckeye licensed TV Stands and accessory kits will be available soon.

All of the Sporty TV Stands are constructed from high quality grade steel and have large 4" caster wheels to allow for ease of movement. The metal base and TV mounts have an oven baked powdercoat finish that is extremely durable and long lasting. Sporty TV Stands' company motto is "Meticulous attention to every detail".

The company's trademarked brands include: GRIDIRON GOALPOST (Football), KORNER KICK (Soccer), POWER PLAY (Hockey), and WAR WAGON (Racing). Basketball and Baseball are envisioned for the not too distant future.

For more information, contact the company’s exclusive furniture representative, Jon Mink, at 973-223-8430 or email: minkman75@aol.com.

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