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Mike Bernstein Re-Joins Furnituredealer.Net

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Mike Bernstein

Industry veteran Mike Bernstein has re-joined FurnitureDealer.net where he will lead business development and focus on upgrading the level of services that the company founded by his brother Andy Bernstein provides to its premium clients.

According to Andy Bernstein, “Mike will be working closely with our business consulting teams to identify ways we can bring even more value to our partnerships with retailers. While Furnituredealer.net is known for producing search engine-friendly product catalog websites, we believe it’s important to continually find ways to upgrade the level of service we provide our clients in their bids to become successful multi-channel retailers. Mike’s broad and deep experience in both the furniture and consumer electronics industries, and most recently, as a consumer packaged goods marketer, will be invaluable to our clients as we move forward. Additionally, his previous experience as president and founder of manufacturer services at FurnitureDealer.net means he will be hitting the ground running.”

Mike Bernstein left Furnituredealer.net in 2010 to focus on using analytics and data to better understand consumer behavior at both the individual and aggregate level for major mass merchants such as Wal-Mart.

“While I have worked on a number of exciting projects during the past three years, I’ve also maintained an office with FurnitureDealer.net and have watched closely as the team has made a number of innovative improvements to the FurnitureDealer.net technology,” relates Mike Bernstein. “During this time, there has also been a great deal of contraction in the furniture industry, which has resulted in a better balance between supply and demand. The companies that have survived the difficult economic times are now better able to invest in strategies to grow their businesses, and I’m very excited to have the opportunity to play a role in that growth,” Mike Bernstein says.

“Like me, Mike is a fourth-generation furniture retailer, and as such, inherently understands the issues facing independent retailers today,” Andy Bernstein says. “This, coupled with his most recent endeavors uncovering insights, and identifying growth opportunities for some of the world’s largest mass merchants and grocery retailers, means he is uniquely equipped to work with retailers of all stripes. We are thrilled to have Mike re-join the company and to have an executive of his caliber on our team.”

About FurnitureDealer.net: Furnituredealer.net is a home furnishings specific, internet marketing company focused on developing and implementing full service internet solutions to help independent brick-and-mortar furniture retailers leverage the internet to grow their businesses. Clients include many of the largest and most successful independent furniture retailers in North America, as well as several of the industry’s leading manufacturers and suppliers.

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