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Supercat Solutions Partners With Ampac Forwarding To Offer Inventory Balance Information

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SuperCat Solutions, creator of the iPad-based sales app, eCat, announced that they have partnered with the third party furniture logistics company that provides warehousing, inventory management, order fulfillment and invoicing, to provide continually updated inventory data to its iPad app. Checking inventory levels, whether at Market or on the road, is now much easier for Ampac Forwarding customers, they say. 

“We’ve made it very easy for companies that outsource their logistics and warehousing to third party providers like Ampac to automatically maintain accurate inventory and product information in eCat,” says Steve Thrasher, president of SuperCat Solutions. “Companies should focus on selling, not on worrying about the details of data maintenance.”
The Ampac inventory control system automatically uploads current inventory levels of each product directly into the e-Cat system on a set schedule, as needed.

“Our customers who use eCat, like Somerset Bay and Alden Parkes, now have quick and easy access to inventory information, so their staff and sales reps don’t need to continually contact us just to get inventory levels,” says Kregg Kinnear, owner and president of Ampac Forwarding. “This enables companies that rely on Ampac for logistics services to quickly answer their customers’ questions on the spot.”

With eCat, sales reps can increase sales by focusing sales presentations on available items, increasing inventory turns, decreasing orphaned stock, and decreasing calls to customer service from reps inquiring about what options are available for immediate shipment.

"We are extremely excited about this new program," says Lynne McArdle, president of high-end case goods, upholstery, and accessories company, Alden Parkes. "eCat is very fast and easy to use. A great bonus is that it enables our sales reps and customers to accurately match our many finish and fabric options with the correct products, eliminating order entry errors. eCat also makes it easy to see the quantities of each item that are available in various combinations of finish and fabric choices in Ampac's warehouse. We expect this to have a very positive impact on our customer service and inventory turns."

“An invaluable benefit is that customers are more likely to order if they are able to receive merchandise right away,” says Kinnear. “With lead times for imported items as long as four months, when a sales rep is meeting with a prospect and knows which items are in stock and ready to ship, it is much easier to close the sale.”

SuperCat Solutions, LLC, develops and markets the iPad app, eCat, a sales presentation and order taking tool specifically designed to meet the needs of companies and sales representatives who are selling a visual product on the road for the home furnishings, lighting, gift and other industries. eCat makes it easy to match product to customer needs, reduces marketing costs, speeds product introductions, improves inventory turns, and enhances company operations and sales efficiency. eCat has been used in field sales by representatives since September 2010. Find out more at www.supercatsolutions.com.

Ampac Forwarding is a warehousing, packing and shipping company specializing in the quality care of home furnishings and special commodities. Located in High Point, N.C. since 1989, the company has grown on a foundation of personalized, quality service to both its domestic and foreign customers. Ampac has the facilities and resources to provide a turnkey distribution network from the time goods are received to the safe and timely delivery at the final destination. Along with storage and shipping capabilities, Ampac specializes in the professional packaging of the product for onward transport. This is particularly valuable to showroom clients who require the packaging of their off the floor products and furniture samples prior to shipping. Along with these logistic services, Ampac works closely with existing customer service departments and can also serve as a third-party customer service department. Learn more at www.ampacforwarding.com .

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