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PROFITsystems Announces Release of RETAILvantange

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PROFITsystems, Inc. announced the release of RETAILvantage, the next generation of retail enterprise software specifically designed for the home goods industry. Mitch Hight, CIO of PROFITsystems, considers this to be PROFITsystems’ most comprehensive product to date. “We have spent the last 18 months putting the finishing touches on this new product that has been years in the making,” said Hight. “RETAILvantage includes new ease-of-use features to easily navigate through retail processes, entirely new internet based dashboards, full circle e-commerce integration with FurnitureDealer.Net, Ashley integration, multiple bar code options and hundreds of other features to help our clients become more profitable,” he continued.

RETAILvantage continues to offer the profit enhancing features that have made PROFITsystems a premier solutions provider to the home goods industry. Focusing on the “5 SMART steps” that consist of: Spotting winners, Maintaining winners in stock, Auto-moving unprofitable merchandise out quickly, Rewarding high gross margin sales, and Target marketing existing clients has been a successful pattern for retailers, and is a large component of the newest release. Highlights of RETAILvantage include:

  • New tool bar with larger, easy to see & use icons
  • Portals for quick access from the main screen to the most common applications
  • eCommerce integration with FurnitureDealer.net to show products, availability, create shopping carts and upload sales into RETAILvantage
  • Ashley Furniture Industries integration allows instant inquiry into stock availability
  • Web Dashboards for financial, sales, and inventory allow monitoring of performance from anywhere
  • New entry level bar coding to make it easier for clients to incorporate bar coding efficiencies in their operation.
  • Enhanced price tag options include features like QR codes and related items for add-on sales
  • Simplified bank reconciliations
  • Enhanced inventory aging features
  • Zip Code will populate city and state for vendors and customers
  • Other highlights include new shortcuts, simplified finalization of work processes, as well as additional features and tasks that can be accomplished from one screen providing uncomplicated job management.

“The continued evolution of the software is vital to our clients to help them continue to be among the most profitable home goods retailers out there. Our entire crew has spent a great deal of time on this phase of the software which brings out the whole new look, feel and user interface. RETAILvantage is the culmination of our efforts. The new name reflects our focus on creating products to support retailers and the advantage they get through the software’s profit building tools,” stated Jeff Niskern, CEO PROFITsystems.

About PROFITsystems: PROFITsystems is the leading total solutions provider to the home goods industry for retailers between $1M-$80M in annual revenue. Key components of their retail solutions include enterprise software, consulting, performance groups, advanced education, group-buying freight programs, e-commerce, and human resources. PROFITprofessional’s features include real-time inventory management, customer relations management, and accounting systems. For additional information on PROFITsystems please visit their website: www.profitsystems.com or call 800.888.5565

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