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MEGA Group USA & Profit Management Promotions Combine Efforts to Benefit Independent Furniture Retailers

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The national buying group MEGA Group USA and Profit Management Promotions (PMP) reported that they have signed an agreement to provide MEGA dealers with expert and unique concepts to run profitable promotional events. These two companies have one major value in common: the desire to see independent furniture retailers thrive.

“Together we are able to help retailers become stronger faster than ever before,” said Ron Cooper, Director of Sales and Marketing for PMP, “Our goal is to see the independent stores of America thrive not just because two-thirds of our economy is driven by small businesses, but also because they offer timeless values that are disappearing in the big-box chain stores. PMP and MEGA provide lifeline resources to keep independent retailers and American families going strong.”

“MEGA has never before endorsed or offered any programs of this type and has been very deliberate in choosing a vendor,” said Mallory Parker, MEGA Group USA Business Director, “In many of today's markets occasional long-term promotional events are needed to supplement a dealer's regular advertising and marketing program. MEGA has taken careful steps to offer a program that is not detrimental to the dealer, their customers or the market they serve.”

“MEGA has been aware of the positive changes in the promotional events business and this process has revealed a handful of quality companies. These companies used to be seen as ‘Going Out of Business’ or ‘Liquidation Event’ specialist but have now become very respected in maximizing long term promotions that can inject much needed sales and capital into a business,” said Parker.

“PMP offers a detailed examination of each business that will indentify each dealer’s needs, they offer a straight forward performance-based fee package and will implement very useful business practices that are beneficial to the dealers after the sale,” said Cooper.

About Profit Management Promotions: Profit Management Promotions: is one of the nation’s leading sales promotion firms serving the home furnishings industry. The company has a proven track record in conducting high-impact sales promotions that help furniture retailers raise capital or liquidate under-performing stores.

Established in 1985, Profit Management Promotions is headquartered in Doylestown, PA, and maintains regional offices in New York, New Jersey, California and North Carolina. To learn more about Profit Management Promotions, visit www.pmpsales.com.

About MEGA Group USA: MEGA Group USA, the leader in Web Marketing, is the fastest growing national home furnishings buying organization in the Country with retail members in the furniture, electronic, appliance and mattress industries. MEGA Group USA is dedicated to the online success of every member and is committed to providing cutting-edge, effective and practical resources as technology continues to evolve and be the driving resource to reaching consumers. MEGA also provides their members excellent products and services including health and business insurance, group vendor programs, custom advertising and marketing services, consulting, store merchandising, and information technology support aimed at driving floor traffic, improving sales and profits and enhancing operating efficiencies. MEGA Group USA has 1600 retail members in 3,000 store fronts throughout the United States. For more information on MEGA Group USA and their leadership in Web Marketing, visit www.megagroupusa.com .

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