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Hästens Beds Celebrates 160 Years of Heritage, Craftsmanship and Design

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Hästens announced that it will celebrate it's 160th year in business this year. The company  was founded in 1852 in a small town in Hed, Sweden, by Pehr Adolf Janson making it one of the world’s oldest manufacturers of beds and mattresses. To honor 160 years of building some of the world’s finest beds, Hästens’ craftsman have created a very special Limited Edition Bed – Jubilea. The Jubilea represents Hästens core fundamentals of crafting the very best all-natural beds providing the perfect environment to obtain a good night’s sleep.

The company started out primarily making saddles and carriage furniture and mattress making at Hästens was only a sideline to the main business, something the craftsmen did only upon a client’s request. Eventually, the demand for horsehair mattresses increased at such a rate that making beds became the main business of the company. In 1924 the company moved the factory to Köping, Sweden (about an hour outside of Stockholm), where it is still headquartered. In the late 1980’s present owner and CEO, Jan Ryde, took over the reigns at Hästens and thus became the fifth generation to run the privately owned family company. Since then sales of the checkered top-quality beds have grown by 30,000 percent. Building on the knowledge handed down from generation to generation, Jan has been instrumental in leading the companies global expansion and all the while constantly researching and improving each and every bed model in his quest to provide the ultimate sleep experience.

The Hästens Jubilea is a continental bed featuring sophisticated details designed to honor the company’s saddle making origins. The bed is covered in an exclusive vintage denim blue check cloth, serving both as an ode to the brand’s iconic blue check as well as to provide a look reminiscent of the company’s denim-dressed craftsmen from yesteryear. Handles on the sides of the bed are accented with vintage saddle leather as well as the label that is embossed with the limited-edition 160th anniversary logo. The Jubilea bed is made by hand from all-natural materials – horsehair, cotton, flax, wood, slow growing Swedish pine and is free from harmful toxins and chemicals. It features a saline-based fire retardant and carries the distinctive European Swan eco-label and CE mark.

“When creating Hästens Jubilea I was inspired by how we could connect our 160-year heritage with today’s urban style,” said Jan Ryde. “By utilizing color variations of the original blue check and incorporating subtle accents of vintage saddle leather we have developed a bed that is rich in tradition yet sophisticated and modern for the way we live today.”

Hästens Jubilea will be available for a limited time only, July 15th through September 30th at select Hästens Stores nationwide. Prices start at $10,340. Visit www.hastens.com to learn more.

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