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Beautyrest® Finds 30 US Cities Where People Are the Most Sleepless, Stressed Out And Overworked

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As part of its brand promise of “Living Life Fully Charged™,” Beautyrest recently set out on a search for the U.S. cities most in need of a recharge. Through a unique blend of research, the company studied millions of Twitter posts, Google searches and other social media behaviors of residents in major cities across the country to find the locations where people shared they were sleepless, stressed out, overworked, or otherwise less than fully charged. The analysis found the following 30 U.S. cities most in need of some rest and relaxation, in order by need:

  1. Las Vegas
  2. Miami
  3. Austin
  4. Atlanta
  5. Durham
  6. Houston
  7. Chicago
  8. Arlington, Texas
  9. Pittsburgh
  10. Columbus, Ohio
  11. San Diego
  12. Nashville
  13. Charlotte
  14. Lynwood, Calif.
  15. Philadelphia
  16. Los Angeles
  17. Boston
  18. Indianapolis
  19. Milwaukee
  20. Dallas
  21. San Jose
  22. New York
  23. Raleigh
  24. Portland, Ore.
  25. Seattle
  26. San Francisco
  27. Denver
  28. Minneapolis
  29. Phoenix
  30. San Antonio

To compile the list, the Beautyrest team studied quantitative and qualitative metrics in the areas of exercise, diet, mental health and sleep, measuring each pillar of wellness to understand the level of a city’s overall health and happiness as evidenced by residents’ social media and search behaviors. In its search, the company found that over 5.6 million tweets related to people “needing recharge” were posted last year.

“Anyone who doesn’t feel fully charged in their day-to-day life should know there are some simple steps they can take to help restore balance and recharge themselves,” said health and fitness expert and chairman of the board for the American Council on Exercise (ACE) Chris Freytag, a wellness expert for Beautyrest. “Getting better sleep is a great first step, especially since 73 percent of us are getting less sleep per night than we should, and 70 million Americans are affected by sleep problems.”

Other interesting data revealed by the Beautyrest study include:

  • New York City has the highest volume of stress related tweets
  • Los Angeles is home to the most people that “can’t sleep”
  • Residents of Boston perform the most anxiety-related Google searches
  • Women make up a disproportionate size of the group needing a recharge
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For more information, visit www.Beautyrest.com or follow Beautyrest on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube andPinterest.

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