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Fabrictech International Takes First Step in Global Outreach

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Fabrictech International - a leader of health, wellness and comfort in the sleep products industry announced that it  is taking its successful merchandizing, marketing and message to the global marketplace. The company’s first step in global outreach is expansion into Australia and New Zealand with a new licensee agreement with Multimaster Australia Pty Ltd.
Jeff Bergman, President and COO has announced that as part of Fabrictech’s global expansion, Fabrictech has a licensing agreement with Multimaster Australia, “Masters of care and protection”. Multimaster is an independent Australian owned company, with worldwide furniture experience and supply connections. Founded in the year 2000, Multimaster has operated a successful business in Australia and New Zealand, marketing leather, fabric and wood care, as well as protection products to all market segments through furniture retailers.
Fabrictech International has changed the sleep protection industry’s focus from simple mattress protection to a full featured product line that offers complete health, wellness and comfort in the sleep environment. Their premium line of PureCareTM protection products includes Celliant® and Antibacterial Silver protectors, both of which offer the consumer unique health benefits, as well as the industry’s first limited lifetime warranty. In the past year Fabrictech has also introduced the PureCareTM Plush Antibacterial Silver pillow line, available in down, latex, memory foam and specialty models. Their success lies in providing the retailer with effective sales solutions that highlight their impressive range of product offerings, including a compelling “good, better, best” mattress protector merchandizing program that offers customers a clear solution for their needs and drives consumer satisfaction and dealer profits. Fabrictech’s products range from a simple moisture protection product to a total encasement of mattress, pillows and box springs that provide allergen, dust mite, bed bug, mold, mildew and bacteria protection.

“I was first introduced to Fabrictech products by Multimaster North America, focusing on the bed, especially the 5-Sided and Total Encasement products,” stated Graham Smith, Managing Director of Multimaster Australia. “We had been testing the bedding market with a single, velour, waterproof product, but we did not have a strong health, wellness and comfort story. We kept a keen eye on Fabrictech’s progress and were extremely impressed with what they offered our retailers and the consumer. To say the least,” said Smith, “we saw great potential in Fabrictech International’s products and in their marketing message.”

According to Bergman, Fabrictech International offers an incredible expansion opportunity to global licensees as a result of their powerful focus on health, wellness and comfort. “We have documented the need for comprehensive consumer protection in the bedroom by illustrating the impact that dust mites, mildew, bacteria and other allergens have on sleep and the overall wellness of the sleeper.” Additionally, Fabrictech offers their licensees a well-developed retail sales service and profitability program, including packaging, POP and RSA training.

“Multimaster Australia offers an in-depth, experienced retail distribution network, as well as a trained sales and service team throughout Australia and New Zealand. We are thrilled to welcome Graham Smith and Multimaster Australia into the Fabrictech family as our first international licensee. We will be offering a tremendous amount of support to ensure the success of Multimaster Australia and Fabrictech’s global expansion,” Bergman stated.

Over the past year, Fabrictech International has experienced amazing growth in a variety of areas including expansion of health and wellness-centered mattress and pillow protectors and their groundbreaking PureCare™ Plush pillow line, advances in product performance and a huge growth in new retail doors. Fabrictech International’s PureCare Antibacterial Silver and Celliant protection products are the official mattress and pillow protectors of the National Sleep Foundation.

For more information, retailers and consumers may contact: www.fabrictech.com

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