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Weekly Furniture Management Tip #46 - A Good Leader...

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  1. knows enthusiasm is contagious.
  2. knows possession of power that is not acquired through self effort is a formula for failure.
  3. knows indifference by leaders encourages indifference by his/her associates.   
  4. knows that success requires sacrifice.
  5. knows it is more critical to be prepared than to be informed.

These weekly “Monday Morning Management Tips” are jointly provided by both Country View Woodworking and Furniture World.

About Country View Woodworking: Did you know CVW's extensive selection offers dining fashion for the modern family from young homemakers to baby boomers contemplating downsizing in preparation for retirement? Comments about these weekly tips can be directed to Roy Miller (Country View Woodworking http://www.cvwltd.com) care of editor@furninfo.com.

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