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Paramount Sleep Launches A New Website For Mattress Retailers And Consumers

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Paramount Sleep announced that it has launched a new website at www.ParamountSleep.com. Designed to address the needs of both retailers and consumers, the new website provides detailed information about Paramount Sleep’s mattress brands and also offers tips for consumers on how to sleep better, how to choose the right mattress, and how to care for a new mattress.

Paramount Sleep spokesperson Dr. James Maas is featured prominently on the site. The company is dedicated to being a great educator for its customers and its partnership with Dr. Maas reflects that. The sleep education information provided on the site comes directly from his more than 40 years as a sleep expert.

From anywhere on the website visitors can easily access information about each of Paramount Sleep’s eight bedding brands. Individual product pages for A.H. Beard, Back Performance, Boutique Hotel, Goodnite Kids, Heavy Duty, Nature’s Spa, Quilt O Pedic, and Sleep For Success provide a mattress overview, key features, reviews, and a printable brochure.

In addition to learning how to get a great night’s sleep and understanding more about Paramount Sleep’s bedding brands, website visitors will find information about the company’s Made in USA certification, its Hospitality Industry Supply program and much more.

The unique design of the new website reflects Paramount Sleep’s dedication to innovation, while the color scheme pays homage to the third generation, family-owned company’s roots in Norfolk, Va. Aspects of the site are designed to build a friendly rapport with consumers, including the company’s family history page and the contact form that encourages consumers to interact with Paramount Sleep when searching for a mattress retailer. Paramount Sleep firmly believes in integrity, transparency and education and has developed a website that reflects those core values.

About Paramount Sleep: Paramount Sleep is truly a company of bedding people, dedicated to carrying on its legacy of integrity, innovation and American made craftsmanship for more than 80 years. It is the only national mattress company to be Made in USA Certified®. The company’s mattress lines include: A.H. Beard, Back Performance, Boutique Hotel Collection, GoodNite Kids, Heavy Duty, Nature’s Spa, Quilt O PEDIC, and Sleep for Success. For more information visit www.ParamountSleep.com.

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