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Cory Home Delivery Receives Descartes’ Logistics Technology Award

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Above: Descartes System Group Chief Commercial Officer Edward J. Ryan, left, presents Cory Home Delivery’s MIS Team with its Excellence in Innovation Award recognizing the home delivery carrier’s transformational use of logistics technology. Receiving the award are Cory’s Director of MIS Malathi Palaniappa, Business Intelligence Analyst Richard Hwang, and Chief Information Officer/Executive Vice President Marin Dragojevic. Not pictured is Cory team member Jared Hyman, MIS Project Manager and On-Demand Manager.

Logistics technology leader Descartes System Group (www.descartes.com) has recognized the achievements of Cory Home Delivery’s MIS team with its Excellence and Innovation Award.

Acknowledging the successful launch of Cory’s IT initiatives, the award presented at Descartes’ Global Conference underscores the industry’s growing reliance on technology and identifies Cory’s expanding commitment to logistics technology as a driving force in business. The annual conference draws leading transportation and logistics services providers, manufacturers, retailers, distributors and mobile services companies in search of information on trends and innovative uses of logistics technology.

“Utilizing Descartes’ On-Demand cloud software for route optimization and dispatching fleets is a value-added service focusing on movement of information,” says Marin Dragojevic, Cory’s Chief Information Officer. “Today 60 percent of our fleets use the Descartes model.”

The new technology creates a standardized rapid flow of information, enabling Cory to use data in more immediate ways and create efficiencies to deliver top service. Monthly reports, for example, are now done weekly, and there is greater use of information.

Routing technology achieves many objectives, including providing information on where drivers are at every moment, and is cost effective and highly efficient. Utilizing it has resulted in mileage improvements of 5 to 15 percent for Cory, created fuel savings along with emissions improvements, and increased service.

“We are able to respond to what is happening more quickly than ever before. The information hasn’t changed, but the speed with which it is transmitted has,” Marin says, noting in some instances a significant increase in productivity.

The positive impact of Cory’s commitment to the IT initiative is affirmed by Managing Partner Patrick Cory. “Cory has significantly invested in technology essentially to improve the overall delivery experience,” he says, noting that the new unified software platforms incorporate dispatch capabilities and improve efficiency.

“We can now build new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems that internally manage information flow and coordinate activities. Their use allows for leveraging scale to manage growth and is critical to Just-In-Time delivery,” concludes Marin Dragojevich.

“Technology is very subtle today and has a huge impact on growth. It’s all about the speed of information and being highly nimble in managing it.”

About Cory First Choice Home Delivery: One of the oldest and largest specialized home delivery carriers in America, CORY Home Delivery, founded by Joseph Cory in 1934, today is in its third generation of family management and ownership. Based in Secaucus, New Jersey, the company serves many of the top 100 furniture, appliance, and electronics retailers in the United States, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. The company dispatches a modern fleet of 500 customized vehicles daily delivering more than $2.5 billion of consumer products to nearly two million consumers annually. For more information, call Patrick Cory at 201-795-1000, or visit corycompanies.com.

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