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Banner Furniture Brief #10: Does Your Store Need To Join Google+?

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If you already have a Facebook page you might not feel the need to join Google+, but Google+ does have unique features (for example, instead of categorizing everyone as a “friend,” you add people to circles, so you can target different messages to different groups), and the audiences are not identical. Also, Google products are becoming increasingly integrated – from Gmail to Google Maps – and effectively managing your Google+ profile can help improve your search visibility.

When you create your profile, feature the photos that best communicate your brand image. Be sure to link to your Google+ page from your website and other social media pages (and vice versa), and use the +1 button to allow people to recommend your content to others. If you want a custom (i.e., less unwieldy) URL for your page, you can get one from gplus.to or another URL shortener such as Bit.ly Pro or Su.pr.

You can add photo albums, videos, blog posts – whatever content you think would be most useful and relevant to your audience. And if you don’t know? Ask questions and conduct polls to find out what your followers are interested in. You can also use Google+ Hangouts (essentially group video chats) to create focus groups if you want to test drive a new idea.

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