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Weekly Tip From Margo: Business Lessons from my Wedding Anniversary!

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Lessons from my Wedding Anniversary: 24 Ways to Honor Your Business Vows!

This past Monday was my (our) 24th wedding anniversary! Being married to the same person (Joe) for 24 years is no small feat. For me, it has been aglorious ride, with some of the happiest, most meaningful events of my life shared with my wonderful husband. Yet, on a few special occasions, it has also been the relationship that drove me to tears, up a wall, and to drink!

Just like marriage, business has it's ups and downs and all arounds, too. It's fun when the customers come easily and the cash pours right in, but as a business owner, you've got to know there will be many days that challenge you to your very core.

Your business CAN be the best thing that ever happened to you. Here are 24 tips to help you on that journey, in celebration of my 24th wedding anniversary!

1. Judge NOTHING before the time. Your business can be a mess and you can be ready to give it all up at any particular point in time.Don't be hasty. There are seasons and reasons to all you go through. Don't judge the life of your business by the toddler or teenage stage! There's a bigger picture. Use your time of trial to see what's not working and find out why. Then make adjustments.

2. Always have a clear goal at each step in your relationship with your significant other (your prospect or client).

3. Understand the needs of your significant other (your prospect or client). What matters most to them? What makes them "tick"? What troubles them or makes them feel insecure? What makes them feel happy and secure?

4. Make it your mission to meet and exceed the needs of your significant other (your prospect or client). Otherwise what's the point of being in a relationship with them?

5. Invite your significant other on a play date! Create events they would love to attend. When you can, spend time together deepening the relationship.

6. Don't be cheap. Don't nickel and dime over ridiculous stuff. Your significant other (your prospect or client) will feel you do not value them.

7. Keep the lines of communication open. Be an open door and make it easy for your significant other to talk to you about important topics. Be accessible.

8. Don't bite off so much more than you can chew in your life & business that you end up neglecting the one that matters most (in this case, your customer)!

9. Work out every issue. There is NOTHING that troubles your significant other that you should ever ignore or sweep under the rug. That spells disaster, and communicates you just do not care enough about them to sustain a meaningful relationship.

10. Don't keep your significant other waiting. If they call on you, get to them right away to show them they are the priority. They must feel they are most important. Create business systems to do this for you!

11. Set boundaries in your relationship. Just because your significant other (your prospect or client) is uber-important, does not mean you go to hell in a handbag for them. Create reasonable boundaries that allow for your own well-being and self care. That way you can better love and serve (yes, we should love our customers)!

12. Don't lie to your significant other.

13. Send a love note to your significant other and surprise them with your charm! For no reason, let them know you are thinking of them!

14. Don't forget the birthday of your significant other. A hand-written card will do just fine. A gift certificate is even better (and way cheaper than an advertised lead costs you).

15. Don't assume you know what your significant other wants. ASK. It shows they matter!

16. Don't ignore or blow off your significant other once you get what you want. They will feel used.

17. Don't go for long periods of time without talking to your significant other.

18. Ask your significant other for their input and opinion. Client surveys are a great way to discover how they are really thinking. Leave room for their personal thoughts and comments. Reward them for taking the time to share.

19. Know that every relationship has its ups and downs, and how you treat someone overall is the most important thing. Problems are fine if you have an attitude, heart, and spirit to solve them in a way that is fair to everyone.

20. Don't talk bad about your significant other to other people. Talking behind the back will hurt your relationship. It changes the energy and it changes you!

21. Be thankful every day for your significant other, even on the days you do not openly communicate that to them. In your own mind, know how much they add to your life, and how important they are to you.

22. Give your significant other room to be who they are without your opinions and actions causing them pressure, problems, or grief (sales pressure). Never talk down to them or disrespect their opinions. Make it a point to try and understand them as much as you can.

23. Want the best for your significant other. It can't all be about you! Respect their freedom of choice. Understand that they have a right to value what they value.

24. Every instance of romancing your customer/prospect (your marketing) should have a clear call to action. Don't just put an ad or activity out there. Ask them to take an action. Tell them what you want them to do. Just like now, I am asking you to share your thoughts about this message on my blog!

Did you enjoy these 24 Tips? Do you have something to add, or a tip you'd like to share?

Comment about it on my blog at

Have a Week of Loving Your Significant Other!


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