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Natuzzi Americas Introduces Cutting-Edge In-Store Kiosk

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Natuzzi Americas announced the launch of a cutting-edge, interactive kiosk for retail floors that is the only one like it in the world. The kiosk will begin appearing on Natuzzi Italia floors within the next 30 days.

According to Brad Cates, senior vice-president of marketing, the company is using its ability to leverage proprietary technology as a key differentiator in the marketplace. Emphasis is on identifying technology that can change the game in long-lasting ways, and on being the first in the home furnishings industry to introduce the technology both to the trade and to the consumer.

As example, the company was the first furniture manufacturer to adopt digital tags. Natuzzi Americas was also the first, and only, furniture concern to work with rich media specialist GET Interactive to embed the equivalent of an entire website’s worth of content in an interactive banner ad. The compelling ads expand to showcase moving carousels of product, videos and more in an immersive, branded experience that pushes the Natuzzi Italia brand story out to consumers wherever they choose to engage.

Throughout the past year, Natuzzi Americas has featured the banner ads on major shelter magazine websites in a national advertising campaign and also customized the ads for individual dealer sites at the local level. According to Cates, the banner ads were such a hit with consumers, who spend an average of 60 seconds interacting with the ads whenever they encounter one, the technology was quickly adopted for use worldwide by Natuzzi Group.

This Market, Natuzzi Americas upped the ante once again, this time, with a kiosk that leverages GET Interactive’s core media gallery product in an in-store environment developed in partnership with digital signage specialist Eyeconic Media. [For a demonstration visit: http://myetamedia.com/eyeconic/kioskdemo/index.html.]

“To date, we’ve utilized the media gallery on retail sites and in our national ad campaigns,” says Cates. “Now, we’re deploying this technology in-store with a kiosk presentation that provides the same deep brand experience consumers encounter online, and the consumer can walk right up and engage with it. In other words, we’re closing the loop between the virtual world and the real world.”

“Natuzzi has been an ideal partner,” says Rick Harrison, chief executive, GET Interactive. “They have leveraged our technology across the digital spectrum—from banner advertising to social media, from retail sites and now to immersive in-store branding. Natuzzi Italia has been able to tell their entire brand and product story consistently at every point of contact. And the results have been consistently remarkable.”

-- A Remarkable In-Store Experience --

Introduced at the High Point Market last week and at the Milan fair in the Natuzzi Italia showroom environments, the slick, touch-sensitive kiosk is a sexy, high-tech selling tool that presents the Natuzzi Italia brand experience in its entirety, at the touch of a finger. From the brand story, to the comprehensive product line, to design information, the kiosk provides the company with a way to deliver a consistent presentation in a way that has never before been possible.

“Try as they might, manufacturers have never been able to control what happens on the sales floor to the degree that we now can,” Cates says. “The kiosk, which will be available to every Natuzzi Italia dealer, and eventually exploded out to support all of our brands, closes the entire marketing loop. For example, we’ll be able to track by individual retailer where people are going within the site to give our stores even more guidance on assortment.”

At the same time, Cates says, “We also know that consumers today are so used to interacting with technology that they often would rather engage with technology than an actual person. The kiosk bridges the gap between the web and the real world on the sales floor, and if the shopper is not ready to engage with a real person, or the salesperson is not available at that very moment, the consumer has all the information they need at their fingertips. Additionally, since we know that consumers are researching the brand online before they shop, the experience they encounter on the kiosk in store is already familiar to them, and in fact no different than what they saw online. There is no disconnect.”

Even more significant, according to Harrison, may be Natuzzi’s ability to change its presentation on the kiosk on a worldwide or local store level within seconds. “All of the engagement occurring within the media gallery is tracked in real time, so the company knows which products and messages are driving the most interest and can adjust accordingly,” the executive says. “If Natuzzi wants to make a change, they can make the decision on the other side of the earth and it will be instantly deployed at the store level giving them the ability to move at a speed never before possible in the furniture business.”

About Natuzzi Group: Founded in 1959 by Pasquale Natuzzi, Natuzzi S.p.A. designs and manufactures a broad collection of residential upholstered furniture. With consolidated revenues of EUR 515.4 million in 2009, Natuzzi is Italy’s largest furniture manufacturer. Natuzzi Group exports its innovative, high-quality sofas and armchairs to 123 markets on five continents. Cutting-edge design, superior Italian craftsmanship and advanced, vertically integrated manufacturing operations underpin the company’s market leadership. Natuzzi S.p.A. has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange since May 1993. The company is ISO 9001 and 14001 certified.

About GET Interactive: Founded by a team of digital media and publishing industry veterans, GET Interactive helps brands, agencies and publishers engage with their customers in a much more meaningful way. The UltraMedia Gallery--GET's premium offer--is a portable micro-site that is built once and deployed everywhere. It works seamlessly across all digital touch points, increasing online engagement and purchase conversion.

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