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Banner Furniture Brief #9: Create A YouTube Channel For Your Store

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video must be worth even more. When you want potential customers to engage with your brand and really get a feel for who you are, videos can be an effective means of communication.

With the proliferation of low-cost digital video cameras and user-friendly editing software, video production has never been more accessible. You’ll still need to involve someone with experience and expertise (you don’t want that shaky, unedited home-video effect), but high-quality results can be achieved for significantly less than you might imagine.

For maximum exposure, create a YouTube channel (with videos tagged appropriately so they’ll show up in search results) and embed the videos on your website and/or Facebook page.

Videos might fall into the following categories:

  • Product background (a behind-the-scenes factory tour to communicate “Made in America” quality and support for local manufacturing jobs)
  • Instructions (assembly demonstrations, tips on patio furniture maintenance)
  • Industry and company information (interviews with staff on home furnishing trends, clips from trade show presentations)
  • Inspiration (space-saving storage ideas, decorating themes for children’s rooms)

Remember to keep your videos short, relevant and sharable. You never know – you might have the next viral sensation on your hands!

Shirley Griffiths, vice president of sales, is one of Banner Marketing’s longest tenured employees with 12 years of experience with company. Griffith oversees Banner Marketing’s sales, creative and operations departments. She can be reached at shirleyg@bannerretail.com or 800-843-9271.

Banner Marketing helps businesses grow through integrated marketing: a combination of digital and traditional marketing strategies that reach a company’s key consumers and inspire them to buy. In business since 1983 and based in Spokane, Wash., Banner develops creative content to support its clients’ brands (from traditional circulars to cutting-edge websites), keeps that content up-to-date, tracks program results, and provides reporting to refine and adjust strategies for even greater success.

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