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Weekly Furniture World Media Note #32 from Lance Hanish - MobileFirst: Listen To The Customer

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Listen to the customer and respect what they want. In all of my dealings with clients regarding marketing communications, learning to listen is a constant life lesson requiring super human discipline and patience.

What does this mean to companies and brands? Consumers want to trust a company or a brand in exchange for their loyalty and share of wallet. OK. You may say there is no more consumer loyalty.

However you can’t say that ‘share of wallet‘ is unimportant. In writing in luxurydaily.com, Budd Margolis, a London based shopping expert stated, “Time is usually more valuable than money. Precise offers targeted to profiles will save them hassle and relievable, rewarding customer service is a highly valued feature.

Delivering the feel-great factor is a big deal. Customer delight has to be delivered time after time to truly engage and connect with today’s busy and marketing message drenched consumer.”

It is important to understand that old-school terms such as newspapers, magazine and television is being replaced by a single term...content. Les Moonves, the head of CBS, has talked about how that company is a content provider. By being that, Moonves has projected CBS to the highest point in the communication universe because it’s understood that technology will spread quicker as smartphones and smart TVs gain ground. Margolis states, “All formats of media are blending and this will cause stress to marketers and brands which do not get in front of the curve and start innovating.

Consumers will gain more control over their applications as they demand personalized and secure systems that save time and money and deliver truly exciting offers. Today’s consumers want innovation, delight and entertainment in their retail relationships.”

Today, the customer is in charge. They select the content they want to see (notice I didn’t say ‘watch’) and in doing so, they are in charge. They see your product or our brand and interact with you almost instantly. That is if you listen to what they want… to what they need. Too often, as we come out of the Great Recession, we are thinking that we can go back to the old ways. Just talking to the customer is no longer acceptable. You have to listen to them. They are in charge.

Digital and Mobile commerce are driving these new methods and systems at tremendous speed. Convergence is here. They are selecting their content.

We need to treat brand followers with respect. We must listen to them.

We live in a new DNAge.

Think MOBILEFirst.

Lance Hanish is Chairman/CEO and Chief of Imagination at Sophis1234 Data.Digital.Direct. He can be reached at Lance@Sophis1234.com; Facebook: http://on.fb.me/w88x5m Twitter: @Sophis1234; Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/sophis1234/  

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