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Five New Oral Histories Of Industry Leaders Released From The American Furniture Hall Of Fame

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The American Furniture Hall of Fame Foundation has published five more oral histories of furniture industry leaders: David J. Brunn, Dan Hutcheson Edmonson, Irving B. Sherman, Howard O. Walker, and Joseph E. Richardson II. The hard cover books include family and company photos.

Twenty-seven of the 43-book set have now been published. Those released previously include John C. Bernhardt; Alvin E. Bland; Rose G. Blumkin; Douglas Brackett; Paul H. Broyhill; Bob Bush, Sr.; Bert Roy Fenn; O. William Fenn; Charles O. Gordon; Rawson Haverty, Sr.; W.G. Holliman, Jr.; Clyde Hooker, Jr.; Don A. Hunziker, J. Wade Kincaid, Steven M. Kincaid, Joanna C. Maitland, Lawrence K. Schnadig; Edwin J. Shoemaker; Harley F. Shuford, Jr.; Charles R. Sligh, Jr.; John B, Vaughan; and. Elliott S. Wood.

“One of the greatest gifts any leader can make to the industry is to leave a legacy of experience and wisdom, spoken in their own words during an extensive, professionally conducted oral interview,” says Randy Ford, Foundation Board president. “Our growing library is one of the most important services that the Foundation provides and this library will become even more significant as we implement changes in our website that will make passages of the interviews accessible online, for now and for future generations.”

In 2008, the Hall of Fame Foundation received a grant from the Furniture Foundation to digitize the transcripts and tapes of 33 previously recorded oral interviews that were in danger of being lost. These interviews, along with eight additional new oral histories, are available for purchase through the Bernice Bienenstock Furniture Library or online at www.furniturehalloffame.com. Individual copies cost $25 each or an advance order can be placed for a complete set for $1,000, plus the cost of shipping and handling.

Other oral histories that will be published soon include: Nathan S. Ancell; E. L. Briggs; Joseph Gerard; John R. Gerken; Stella and Darrell Harris; Mary McKenzie Henkel; Leo Jiranek; William P. Kemp, Sr.; Bernard B. Lane; Hyman Meyers; Steve Millender; Patrick H. Norton; Steve Pond; Robert H. Spilman; Art Van Elslander; Ronald G. Wanek; Gerald and John Wolf.

The Foundation continues to grow its oral history program and is accepting recommendations for other industry leaders whose stories need to be captured. To send suggestions or receive more information, please contact lestep@furniturehalloffame.com.

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