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Banner Brief #8: Is Twitter Frivolous For Furniture Businesses?

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Twitter may seem frivolous at first glance, but it can be a powerful tool to build a community around your brand.

Twitter allows you to send short messages (up to 140 characters), known as tweets, to other users of the service (now more than 100 million worldwide). Those who follow your account will receive your tweets in their subscription feeds. You can use Twitter to share information about your company and the overall industry, gather market intelligence, and offer your followers special discounts.

Tweeting well is an art. A January 2012 study based on 43,000 responses to tweets revealed some keys to success:

  • Be informative or funny, but never boring. 
  • Be timely; old news is useless.
  • Add value to retweets by including comments of your own.
  • Don’t overuse abbreviations, #hashtags or @mentions, or tweet when you have nothing to say.
  • If you include a link to a photo or website, provide enough context to give people a reason to click. 
  • Self-promotion is fine (it shows you’re passionate about what you do), but be reasonable.
  • Actively engage by asking questions and responding to relevant tweets by others.

People may be talking about your business on Twitter already. Don’t you want to join the conversation?

Shirley Griffiths, vice president of sales, is one of Banner Marketing’s longest tenured employees with 12 years of experience with company. Griffith oversees Banner Marketing’s sales, creative and operations departments. She can be reached at shirleyg@bannerretail.com or 800-843-9271.

Banner Marketing helps businesses grow through integrated marketing: a combination of digital and traditional marketing strategies that reach a company’s key consumers and inspire them to buy. In business since 1983 and based in Spokane, Wash., Banner develops creative content to support its clients’ brands (from traditional circulars to cutting-edge websites), keeps that content up-to-date, tracks program results, and provides reporting to refine and adjust strategies for even greater success.

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