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Incoming APRO President Looks to Continue ShopRTO.com's Momentum for Internet Exposure

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APRO reported that newly elected APRO President, Gary Ferriman from Marion, OH, begins his term with a slate of initiatives including the further promotion of the rent to own trade association's consumer facing website, Shop RTO.

ShopRTO.com features articles about the best way to create an affordable home lifestyle and when rent to own home furnishings may help. It is part of the trade association's long term goal to bring a broader awareness and audience to the unique rent to own transaction.

The process began in 2010 when an APRO commissioned potential customer survey and focus groups showed that most Americans know very little about rent to own home furnishings and what they do know is incorrect. The research also showed that 99% of the home furniture customers use the Internet as a significant part of their decision when shopping appliances, furniture, HD TVs and computers.

“RTO stores have been improving steadily for the past few years and consumers need to know that.  ShopRTO.com is helping bring more awareness about our rent to own stores to bring in new customers,” comments Ferriman.

“If you have never shopped us or haven’t shopped us in awhile, you may get a very positive surprise."

Launched in February of 2013, Shop RTO continues to grow with nearly 150 articles and a weekly newsletter. Google analytics show the top page as the rent to own store locator indicating the site is working to steer consumers to consider their local rent to own store.

"ShopRTO is bringing a new message to consumers who may not have considered RTO as an option in the past and that message is that rent to own is a great option for anyone in today's world," states APRO's newly appointed public relations chair Dan Fisher from Lancaster, PA and owner of Majik Rent-To-Own.

"By showing the fantastic variety and quality of products offered by RTO dealers, ShopRTO sends the message that consumers can have what they want, now, without taking on more credit."

Website analytics also show that the most visited pages are those that explain the unique aspects the rent to own transaction provides when obtaining home furnishings.

The no debt, no obligation rent to own transaction offers consumers the ability to rent an item for as long as they choose without penalty when returning the product back to the store. Research showed when consumers were fully explained the no debt feature of rent to own in comparison to cash, credit and used, consumers were more likely to consider rent to own.

Ferriman serves a one year term as APRO President. He is owner of Showplace Rent-To-Own with 15 stores in central Ohio.

About ShopRTO: ShopRTO.com provides consumers home living and decorating tips and rent to own as a shopping option for affordable home furniture and more.

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